Thursday, March 31, 2005 

So Happy Its Thursday.........................Acronym

From Death Row to tha Poor House!!!! Suge Knight was ordered yesterday to pay $105 million dollars (take a second to compute that number) to Lydia Harris. She was the wife of Michael Harris the man who helped him start Death Row Records. Harris gave $1.5 million in '91 to help start GF (Godfather) Entertainment, one of the divisions was to be Death Row Records. If you want to hear the full story watch "Welcome to Death Row". Basically, Suge cut Harris out and his wife (who handled his financial matters since he was in prison for selling rocks) sued Suge.

The Preacher's Son is looking to augment his paper stack. Wyclef Jean has developed an affordable sports car and hopes to get a major distributor for his new ride. Now, if only he could take some of that energy and put it towards MAKING A NEW FUGEES ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Speaking of automobiles, P. Diddy is looking to expand his marketing empire to include the sales of rims. Its corporate baby!!! It don't stop!!!

With all this fire hitting the market recently I felt it was time to slow down and take a good look at what's coming to us:
- Of course, the new Common album, an instant classic and I ain't even heard it.
- Fat Joe: All or Nothing, I have no doubt this will be incredible, like every single so far
- Kanye West: College Dropout Video Anthology DVD, This shit will be murder with unreleased video of an extended 8-minute "Workout Plan" video, as well as a making of Jesus Walks.
- State Property 2, Hits theaters April 13th, the sequel to an ML approved hood classic.
- Trina: The Glamorous Life, anyone and everyone associated with Missy deserves a look
- Saigon: The Greatest Story Never Told, enough mixtape hype to choke a horse
- Memphis Bleek: 534, I have been waiting for another strictly Roc album. Lets hope its as good a Sigel.
- Anything From Chamillionaire
-And in the far off, G-unit solo albums, Kanye's Sophmore, and maybe Detox!!!!
(Anything I forget Lethal can fill in)

A new magazine is about to drop. Bridgez focuses on bringing latin hip-hop and hip-hop in general to a wide audience. The bimonthly comes to newsstands in Cali, Jersey, New York, MIA, and Chi-Town this April.

For all of you not keeping up with that Grokster case you have officially lost your rights to the internet. The Lungie has decreed it.

Track of the Day: Fat Joe- Safe to Say (The Incredible) (Produced By Just Blaze)

Tuesday, March 29, 2005 

A Busy tuesday..

Note: This is from a movie and not from his actual court case.

Beanie Sigel, Beck, Will Smith are all in stores today.. the first 2 are Djlethal01 approved, but the last one is Skillz approved.
The Beanie Sigel is a very solid album except for the rehashes of old tracks such as "its on" and the killa cam cam callabo "wanted (on the run)" (sorry Mark), My favorite tracks are "feel it in the air" on which Beanie says some of the truest shit he has ever spit and "one shot deal" which has a very dope Redman verse. The new video for "don’t stop" is out"
A track which seems to have a mediocre neptunes beat that is listenable but could’ve been better. Note: ODB looks cracked up like whoa (RIP).
The Beck CD is just a damn good listen from start to end, it flows perfectly.

In some sad news Johnny Cochran died, for those that don’t know he led the real dream team to the victory in the Orenthal trial, while he robbed us of Free OJ t-shirts he was one crafty lawyer. RIP.

Today I came across a very nice video that reminded me a very important thing, never upset Mike Tyson..and cot damn what a monster he was inside the ring. This reminded me of this finding too...
The terrifying power Tyson, 35, generates with his fists has been studied by one of our top sports scientists.

Dr Matthew Pain, a lecturer in sports biomechanics at Loughborough University, has investigated the force behind Tyson's punches, as well as the kind of damage that taking repeated blows can inflict.

His research has demonstrated that, if Lewis is caught clean by Iron Mike, the champion will have to withstand a force the equivalent of being involved in a 50mph car crash.

Tyson can deliver a blow which possesses the same weight as a 16lb sledgehammer being swung at 35mph.

Just one has the potential to knock out and hospitalise the average man.

In fact, the power of Tyson's KO punch has an 85 per cent chance of giving an opponent severe brain damage. It is great enough to bust any bone in the average human skull.

A crazy cut called 5 Deadly Venoms dropped featuring Ghostface, Kool G, Lord Tariq, Raekwon and Kane.

Speaking of Rae, a dope piece is featured on the making of his classic Only Built 4 Cuban Linx album, its a lengthy read but a cot damn good one for any wu/rae fan. Props to Roaches over at okayplayer.

Make Em say ughhhhhhhh... Master P and Silk were arrested near the UCAL campus for having unregistered guns, You gotta love (bilogical) brothers who role together. I don’t know whats more scary, that they were near a university or that they had guns. I hope this doesn’t affect Lil Romeo's nickelodeon gig, I would be devastated.

Remember last summer when Shyne was on top of the world, optimism was in the air, he had his own label, an album out, and he would probably be out. Well have things changed since, Def Jam isn’t promoting him anymore and he might get dropped, but now his assets have been frozen. A damn shame, I really hope Puff reaches out to him somehow when he gets out because if it wasn’t Puffy backstabbing ass Shyne wouldn’t be in this situation, for more info peep the village voice articles from the trials.

I bet even God is jealous.

Now you might remember from a few weeks ago we mentioned Brian "Head" Welch, who has not only left the band Korn, got baptized in Israel, then said some nonsense in a letter to 50 cent through the media, well.. He isnt done. After getting no response from 50 he wrote a second letter which includes some Rebel Squad mixtape worthy bars...
My little boy/ Bow your head in shame/ You've disgraced your father's name now/ It's time for you to lose," the lyrics read in part. "Your little toys/ Won't save you from shot 10/ Without me you will not win, no/ I swear you'll lose

I kid you not. He even goes on to invite to fly 50 out for popcorn. Now wtf happened to his guy that made him go from a crazy ass band to Korn to him believing he is a messenger of God?? I really hope 50 responds in some way.

New Foxy Brown produced by Just Blaze with a foxy lady sample!! Must Hear.

There is a good interview with Sway & King tech of the world famous Wake Up Show. After hearing the sampler from their website, the album which drops on may 24th I am highly anticipating.

Speaking of highly anticipated, monkey yesterday mentioned the XXL rating Common got for his new album, well I cant wait for that shit either when it drops in June/May, as there is no concrete date for it yet, but the track listings are out. Credit: OKP forums.
1. BE
2. The Corner f/ The Last Poets
3. Go
4. Faithful f/ Bilal & John Legend
5. Testify
6. Love Is
7. Chi City
8. The Food
9. Real People
10. They Say f/ Kanye West & John Legend
11. It's Your World/Pop's Reprise f/ Bilal

(produced by Kanye West, except 6 & 11 produced by Jay Dee)

It looks like Nas in all likely hood wont be replying to 50, which is a shame because he had the biggest chance to put shit into place.

If you missed it on Sunday, Jadakiss got punk'd, IMO it was very well done and Jadakiss acted exactly in real life like you would expect him, ill go ahead and label this *classic* material.

Apparently rockin an Ipod can be a danger to your health, as the ipod jackings are on a rise in nyc. Simple solution don’t rock the attention-whoring white headphones or if that’s not a possibility have the waste band lineup (like my mans Zack do) be a celly, ipod and a bitty slug. No comment on my proffered method.

Hillary Swank was fined for brining in an apple & orange into New Zeeland, wtf would they do if u brought some 9 millys?

A friend of mine pointed out that since Fox wont be airing anymore of the madly-underrated show "My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss", they have at least put up episodes 6-10 on their website, even if you haven’t watched the show, the comedy of the show is golden and I recommend you should check it out.

If you truly got dough to spare, then this is the wallet for you.

Before I dip out, good to see Mali running their soccer team Saddam Iraqi Olypmic Committee style.

Rumor: Chad Johnson banging Trina? pull over! coming at you soon!!
Out. 3 days till Sin City.

Monday, March 28, 2005 


Since I know you've been hearing it, many of you are probably asking "What the fuck is Flavploitation?" Well, our good man Chuck-D describes it as "the systematic one-sidedness of the production companies that are chosen by these big corporate entities." I would put it in the simpler terms of Strange Love makes Flavor Flav look like a ignorant SOB.
I mean how can you make him look any worse? They brought his fucking kids and ex on the show just to show a domestic disturbance. I'm not saying the guy wasn't crazy before but he definately was not the dumbass they perpetuate on that show. I never liked this show, I just hate reality television.

In other news, Lil' Kim is doing it straight thug, offering no amnesty to those who testified against her. I guess she decided she might as well go out giving the finger?! Its Bad Blood Baby! It don't stop!!

People need to stop hating on Jigga. How do you say he's a fucking biter!?!? The guy knows his shit and gives homage to the greats. For every tribute rhyme he spits he does 20 more great lines of his own. He quotes Biggie and L because they were his mentors!!! Where would he be without Big L?! Internet bitches need to take their comparison track bullshit and stick it up their ass!!!

Well, it seems Lil Flip and T.I. got in a little bit of a scuffle recently. I've been rooting for T.I. since day 1, but I don't hate Flip. I just hope this beef ends with more fire like that 99 problems freestyle.

With his mind free from the troubles of the hockey season (i.e. his job) LA Kings Player Anson Carter has moved to the arts starting a record company called Big Up Entertainment. This just in, Rebel Sqaud Records has just started a beef with Big Up Entertainment. What are the grounds you say? The Hockey Season and that stupid name. Expect a diss track soon.

On a more serious note, C-Murder's lawyer can now only bring a Pencil and Paper when he meets with him at Jefferson Parish's Correctional Facility. Apparently that video made the Sheriff a little angry. He doesn't allow pens because the hollow area can be "used to hide song lyrics."

If you get up to New York, hit that Aids Benefit concert. Tego Calderon will headlining.

Last but not least, XXL gave Common's new album the review I expected....Its a Classic. Not that I worry much about reviews anyway but this only futher asserts the hotness of the Crack Chicago MC. Damn I loved The Corner.......

R.I.P. Eric "Eazy-E" Wright

Track of the Day: Edo G. featuring Master Ace and Common- Claimin' Respect

Thursday, March 24, 2005 

Spring Break Thuggin

We aint so clean cut no mo'

Sup sup ladies and gents so I was talkin to my homie Mark, and I played a random track and it was 50 Cent-Elementary and lets just say I don’t even know what to say here is the hook...
[50 Cent]
The cat in the house go
Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow
The bird in the cage go
Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet
It's elementary

In all seriousness download the track and listen for yourself.

In other news Pat O'Brien is a P.I.M.P/Perv/Hater/Alcoholic all jam packed into one from hollering at his wife and gf about what nice things he'd like to do to em', to making nice comments like
A source tells us he used to refer to a gay African-American senior producerat "Access Hollywood" as "the Fruit Monkey."

To his face.

oh but that’s not it, Pat also would be trying to holla at those access Hollywood honeys like Nancy O'Dell (shiiit i would to) and Shaun Robinson, droppin N-bombs, telling gay men he had a gift for them and told them to bend over but sadly Pat is on a self-implicated injured list, he is in "rehab" for alcohol.

Speaking of alcohol, I have found a *NEW* role model. The Wilt Chamberlain of alcohol offences. and NO you cant have him (he locked up silly).

If your waiting for the new Joey Crack like us here at ML, wait till May 24th, the terror squad apparently is going to have to bust his (big) ass to clear samples for 2-tracks, where is the love? Joey isn’t done with 50 either tho, he makes a cute comparisons to an abused girl.

If anyone still watched SNL they would’ve seen David Spade with a penis for his nose (as he played Owen Wilson in a sketch.)

Free Whitney Houston, t-shirts are being is like prison I tell ya!

An Update on our last update about N.E.R.D., fear not they are still gonna make music as a band...but their label still sucks.

Finally as I leave you, I wish you a happy early Easter and I pray this wont be a family activity you will have.


Tuesday, March 22, 2005 

This is what I come back to!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just came back from a nasty bout of the flu and as soon as I find domething newsworthy it has to be this.........N*E*R*D* is no more. The Supergroup broke up after a stream of management conflicts at Virgin Records. This is a sad day in music history, N*E*R*D* was a group who broke out of the boundaries of Rock and Roll, mixing the musical genius of the Neptunes (which Chad and Pharell are also part of) with a talented band whose members looked good on paper and sounded great on wax. They could play hip hop, rock, r+b, techno, and just about anything else. The group has no animoisity towards each other and do not cite personal differences as a reason for disbanding the group. On Radio1 (where the split was announced) the group said they might still release songs they record together and bootleg them to the internet. I hope they do this and show that bastard record company that the label does not control the music. Don't get me wrong I would kill for another studio record, but if that means compromise, then fuck it. On the other hand, if no new music ever comes and I am forced to listen to "Fly or Die" and "In search of...." in a constant loop then I will claim the head of a Virgin Music Executive.

If you love producers, and I know you do, then you need to cop that upcoming Motown Remixed album. This album is basically taking 15 Motown classics and remixing them for the Hip-Hop Heads. The album will feature:

- The Randy Watson Experience: Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson and James Poyser - "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" (Gladys Knight & The Pips)

- DJ Green Lantern - "Mary Jane" (Rick James)

- Salaam Remi - "ABC" (Jackson 5)

- DJ Z-Trip - "I Want You Back" (Jackson 5)

- DJ Jazzy Jeff - "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" (The Temptations)

- DJ Spinna - "Keep On Truckin" (Eddie Kendricks)

- Hank Shocklee - "Smiling Faces Sometimes" (Undisputed Truth)

- Easy Mo Bee - "Just My Imagination(Running Away With Me)" (The Temptations)

- Mocean Worker AKA Adam Dorn - "I Just Want To Celebrate" (Rare Earth)

- Hotsnax AKA Full Phatt - "The Tears of A Clown" (Smokey Robinson & The Miracles)

- King Britt - "War" (Edwin Starr)

- DJ Smash - "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours" (Stevie Wonder)

- Da Producers, including Paul Simpson - "Let's Get It On" (Marvin Gaye)

- Rafe Gomez and David Baron as The Groove Boutique - "Quiet Storm" (Smokey Robinson)

- Tranzition (everyANYTHING) - "My World Is Empty Without You" (Diana Ross & The Supremes)

The album, which will also be complemented by an Unmixed Version, will drop May 24th.

Speaking of producers, you also need to head over to the Priceless Productions webpage. These are some MoCo guys who make some hot beats. My Four Favorite from their new shit are: Late Night, Girl, How I Feel, and Dismatled. "Late Night" sounds like the beat for the next Dipset single, classic. Check Em' Out and tell em' what you think.

Track of the Day (In Memory): N*E*R*D*- Maybe

Monday, March 21, 2005 

Just a little bit...

First thing is first, Fade to Black owns me, thank you very much, and it will own you too!
Next I highly recommend that you check out an album called Prince Po-The Slickness, now this banger came out in early 2004, when I copped it but I didnt give it a full listen till yesterday, and lets just say I was blown away.

Another coach was fired, this time it was Paul Silas, For some reason he gets no love and is the first to go when a team starts to falter, but one good thing he was able to call Carlos Boozer a cunt last week. His sneaky verbatim will be missed.

In other NBA news.. with a late pass.. Franchise kicked people, coaches got fired, and Stacey Augmon threw lotion.. I Love This Game. Oh and AI is prolly gonna be hit with a supension (WHAT?!!?!?!?)

In some other news, there was a shooting at a Nas concert in the UK... violence+rap=new & fun

And today I came across the funniest gameshow episode ever.. The Weakest Link with JD, Xzibit, Rev Run, Young MC, Da Brat, Dj Quik, Nate Dogg, B-Real.. let just say shit is jokes and sadly cuts of a min or so early :(. For those with hi-tech 56k read the mtv piece on it...and fill you self with envy.. nice green envy..


Saturday, March 19, 2005 

March Madness is over for me...

Thanks for Syracuse, and Kansas aka half of my final four on the right side of the bracket is done, thats just wonderful. Just when I though picking the loveable 'Bama

boys to go to the sweet 16 would be my worst mistake.. If Arizona & Gonzaga make it to the final four pleace wake me up.

SOHH had a nice round up yesterday.
P-Diddy is gonna have Talib & Common ghostwrite for him on hist "last" album, I like how puffy can make it big news that he dosent write his own rhymes, but just writes the checks ;). And Benzino not paying his employees is priceless I mean look at that Boston gangster, does he (or even Dave Mays) look like he is the type of person to be maintaing the payroll of a (legal) buisness. Last but not least who knew Hittman (the guy at the end of the Forgot About Dre who goes Y'all better buy my shit *while a toilet flushes*, and was on chronic 2001) was Dj Quik's cousin and that Snoop had a brother?? oooo weeee


Thursday, March 17, 2005 

Prison for Everyone!!!!!

Queen Bee is going away!!!! Lil Kim was found guilty of perjury and conspricy. She was found not guilty of Obstruction of Justice. What does this mean for Hip Hop!? I DON'T CARE!!! The Bitch has like two songs I like, one of which is "Money, Power, And Respect" which is a Lox song anyway. But seriously, this is a huge loss for Award Shows everywhere. How could we ever forget the classic moments:

We will miss this shit.........

In other news, anyone who thought that the first Gorillaz album was a heat rock should be happy because on May 24th the hybrid group is set to release their next LP, Demon Days. Word is De La Soul, and the Madvillain MF Doom will be appearing on the album. Watch out for production by Danger Mouse.

I heard about this shit today at school but I couldn't believe it till I saw it. Yes ladies and gentlemen this is a vacuum but not just any vacuum, this one costs $500 dollars!!! The reason this consumer obscenity came to my knowledge is because I found out today one of my teachers actually bought one of these. Now, I have no problem with the person but if my future spouse were to buy one of these IT HAD BETTER CLEAN UP SIN!!! You see this shit will be on the next episode of Cribs. I can see it now, Joey Crack's custom Dyson Vacuum, completely pink with the Terror Squad logo on the oustide. You ain't a gangsta till you got a Dyson.

Track of the Day: Q-Tip ft. Busta Rhymes and Pharell- For the Nasty

Wednesday, March 16, 2005 

And The Verdict is....

A cold has been trying to keep me down but it wont, I was supposed to do an update yesterday but a very sweet siesta got in the way of that.

Going with the legal theme for a bit... MR X to the Z was caught in Guam (US owned Land pretty much) with a little sticky icky.. Now how the hell does this shit happen? Was his weed carrier out with a cold? Irresponsible weed possession by rappers makes me sick.

This story about percents of basketball players who graduate isnt even 50% on most of the teams and LSU & Minnesota had none last year?? But you cant blame the players, its hard passing your sports coaching class.

Britney Spears gave some very valuable advice to Michael Jackson......I guess Michael Jackson’s monkey Bobo wasn’t available for advice at that time.

Following up our touching story of ex-Korn guitarist Head who was baptized a few weeks ago, took the logical next step and is now trying to save 50. This guys is defiantly on the wacky tabacky.
"It's not a mean song, but it is like a loving father disciplining his son and telling him how it is — kind of like Tré's dad in the movie 'Boyz N the Hood,' " Welch continued. "There is really no way he can come back at me through music because it's not from me ... it's from the Big Guy. Even 50 respects the Big Guy."

This is might type of keg party duuude!

Now a friendly reminder to all my AIM buddies, all of our cyber-sex conversations are probably being loggged. and masturbated to.

And its March.. I still haven’t done a freaking bracket(s)... I’m having difficulty finishing this one.

and for all the wizroid fans, I have to agree if i was Gilbert Arenas

id be hella pissed with dudes grabbing my junk.

I also read something very nice in the Washington post... the MPAA president buys pirated movies in mexico!!

I have one small request for my friends that go to school with me, do you know if this

mp3 player is allowed? The product page is straight jokes.

Death of Dynasty, a Dame Dash mocumentary of the rise & fall of the ROC! seems interesting to say the least...

are going tour ( I just wanted to fit in the poster pic somehow!)

and highly recommended that everyone check out the new Beck album shit is too dope!
I gotta go put away the free Robert Blake t-shirt to be replaced by Free Scott Peterson) t-shirt, fair well people!. Late.

Monday, March 14, 2005 

Free C!!!!!

I know ya'll heard of him, thats right our friend C-Murder is looking to face a mandatory minimum of life in prison after a being denied his request for a retrial he petioned for on the grounds of racist witnesses and police. Maybe the judge wasn't to pleased by the music video, filmed by the boys at over at Court TV?! For those of you who don't know C-Murder is the brother of Master P and Silkk the Shocker, and the uncle of the Teen Nick Gangstarr Little Romeo.

It saddens me to say that the FBI has ended it's 18 month investigation into the murder of Biggie. To be blunt, another crooked cop got away with murder. I honestly hope his mom does sue the LAPD and win. If it was a rogue cop who did it the FBI just gave the big thumbs up to every other racist cop in Amerikkka to use their overly-encouraged hate as a license to kill.

Well, enough about racist Po. In some lighter news, those of you who own 17 copies of Scarface (10 of which are "limited") now have something to look forward to, a video game. Thats right, Electronic Arts is developing a video game based on the quintessential hood classic which portrayed Al Pacino a Cuban cocaine don. If you listen to rap music and haven't seen this movie hurt yourself. In fact, if you haven't seen this movie, period, then you have done wrong and deserve to be punished. As if the game alone is not incentive enough, you may be interested in the fact that Jay-Z may be doing music for the new instant classic. It has not been confirmed whether Al Pacino will do Tony Montana's voice on the game. For screenshots click here.

For all you dipset fans, cop that new Purple City CD. Its the best of all their mixtape tracks. I know lethal will kill me for this.......

Speaking of dipset, check this video. Its dipset and game in the studio.

Track of the day: Beanie Siegel ft. Snoop- Don't Stop

Thursday, March 10, 2005 

dont sleep

COOOKED CRACK...Fat Joe probably spent alot of studio time to actually make an album worthy diss response, Im pretty much split on the call if it is better then Jada's response, Joey mentioning the vibe awards and g-unit running out was most def the highlight for me which can potentially create a huge market for free Young Buck t-shirts... I kid I kid. Near the end it seems like some name is blanked out when Fat Joe goes If i don’t get you I’m gonna get (mysterious silence), let the rumors begin! Oh but you think 50s kiddie car thieves (i see you fox5) would let Jada slide, nope.. they just rode up in a tow truck and flashed some pieces, and because jada is hood class act he wont be helpin them cop any sentences. By the way me and my people are gonna be riding up in trash trucks, keep you hood & recyclables secure ya heard!
Edit: Apparently Jada is saying they were D-Block fans? which makes me really really confused.

For my law center portion of ML, you have to ask yourself how can I touch on the latest deveoplments of the Micheal Jackson trial, shit is daily joke machine. From barring Jay Leno of making jokes of MJ so he just hires Rosanne to do that part (those sneaky Italians!). From the boy saying MJ made him drink wine which he called Jesus Juice.. well guess what thanks to this, crunk juice is officially discontinued as the drink of choice in the family we pourin that jesus juice freely. Lastly, I would like to say him showing up late to court in Pajamas couldn’t be any more hilarious, I mean this guy has a fucking rollercoaster on a ranch and he cant get a suite real quick, but instead rolls up like he is gonna go lounge around at court. I wish I could pull pajamas off at my school, cause that shit will land me in being locked up with In School Suspension for sexual harassment like whoa.

Keeping going with the law related news.. well somewhat since this is apparently from 2003 but it still gold..

DEA agent shoots himself in gun safety class

A federal drug agent shot himself in the leg during a gun safety presentation to children in what police describe as an accident. His bosses, however, are still investigating the incident.

The Drug Enforcement Administration agent, whose name was not released, was speaking on April 9 to about 50 adults and students organized by the Orlando Minority Youth Golf Association, witnesses and police said.

He drew his .40-caliber duty weapon and removed the magazine, according to the police report. He then pulled back the slide and asked an audience member to look inside the gun and confirm it wasn’t loaded.

Witnesses said when the agent released the slide, one shot fired into the top of his left thigh. The gun was pointed at the floor. The agent was treated at Orlando Regional Medical Center and returned to work, a DEA official said. —AP

Oh you thought i just had the story? Man this is metal lungies we got the video to share with your family and friends.

The much promised NBA piece (I’m good on promises)(I’m also good with parenthesis)

Apparently Don Nelson is dipping out for a few games to tend to his wife who is recovering from surgery, now here at ML we have a policy that wont allow me to make light of this situation so I would just like to say because of this he wont be able to implement his genius playbook...

oh what away stint is this like #4 this year? Just let Avery Johnson run the team... into the ground.

Going with the sort of depressing news, sadly Antwon Jamison iron man streak came to an end at 386 games, which sucks because it was a nice fact Stuart Scott could spit out on every wizard highlight and gave the wiz some extra shine.

oh and
Handsome Boy Modeling School featuring Dan the Automator & Prince Paul
w/ K-Os & Rondo Brothers
SUN. APR. 17

sidenotes: please don’t bring up those terp chumps...fucking Clemson? come one.. they haven’t had any NBA talent since Greg Buckner who some how isn’t playing on 10-day contracts yet and cant win a game to save their lives in Chapel Hill. Allhiphop rumors pretty much confirms what I thought Iovine was involved in the 50/Game peace treaty. Till next time, out.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005 


first and foremost rip to b-i-g, to be honest he wasn’t my personal favorite but surely one of the greatest..

and while fiddy and game were busy getting their thug luv on, jadakiss dropped a pretty decent response (could be better) but still eons better then piggy bank. Hopefully a new version with better quality and no Wendy Williams is out soon. Back to the thug luv, Im wondering what made Game & 50 kiss and make up so quickly, I mean they looked hella uneasy at that little press conference in Harlem, Either Dre/Em/Iovine told them you crazy motherfuckers stfu and hold hands again (what I’m leaning towards) or this was a stunt for some sales.

Good news for are you lazy mobsters, now simply hit up the hit men on the web, YAY for murder...

They should’ve contacted me instead of this guy, my family would make me do it for $200!!

This guy sort of makes all my achievements seem very very minor...

A little history lesson for the youngn/living under rocks type folk, a hot97 rap sheet of drama

Someone please tell Mrs.Federline that there is no TRL this week to break this story. My money is on her having a nude picture of her hand with no glove or some random shit like that.

And some other bitch drama bullshit..Fox Boogie is getting busted for unpaid $20 pedicure charges and 2 years ago Lil Kim was dissing her in the place that got its ear to the street the most, the gggggrand jury. Why aren’t these bitches shooting at each other oh wait...that’s what the whole trial is about....I see...

oh word, a brother from XXL now writes for page2 @

the most random/hilarious MF Doom interview ever! with gold like

Were you a fast runner?
I guess I was. Not nowadays, I got a little weight on me. You know, out of shape a little something, but yeah, back in the day I used to do my thing.

What if a pickup game of freeze tag started now?
Damn, I wouldn't want to be it. I wouldn't catch nobody.

Also in case you care/knew Mase is probably getting some of that gooonie goooo gooo purple stuff with some sizzurp now since he is now playin basketball with dip set and rocking homemade Juelz t-shirts for his mixtape. I wonder how his church is holding up? And did he pray for his brother Jimmy Jones like he said he would?

Thank you BK for biting an already corny show with Pimp My Cheeseburger.. really thank you for all the wonderful stuff (and healthy) you bring to people.

Marines are good actors?? Can you say ex-marine attention whore ?

and before I go, as promised... The Mannie Fresh VIDEO REVIEW!!

Ok, Ill be honest.. there isn’t much to review considering I caught the last portion of it on BET Tha Basement (now known as ghetto-trl wannabe, fuck you non-freestyling DJ Linx) , but I don’t need to see much more to come to the conclusion Mannie Fresh is abusing x, but wait boys and girls don’t cry because he is still fucking rich.

Some NBA ish tomorrow? stay TUNED! There is some other shit I wanted to mention like the new Joey Crack video (we <3 him here at ML) which is pretty damn good, Mike Tice slinging Duckets for the super bowl but cot damn Im tired...

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