Monday, November 28, 2005 

Why Ron Artest is #1

Can a white person get that type of message imprinted in their hair? Cause I'd do it.

I need to get an artest jersey..Marcus Washington too.

I had a real dope update regarding the whole lox/diddy situation..but shit crashed, I dunno I might re-do it if time permits.


Sunday, November 13, 2005 

I want TO to go the Falcons.

Rosenhaus hooked up TO with a dope telemarketing gig

So I'm sure if you have a pulse and you follow sports you heard about the whole Terrell Owens + Eagles saga, so I wont blabber on about that. But I will say something I hope he ends up with the Atlanta Falcons, and it is a real possibility because why else would you go to a Hawks game??. Hawks have to pay the arena ushers to not turn away from watching the game because they are 83% of the fanbase of the Hawks. But if TO does end up with the falcons Jim Mora Sr ("Playoffs?? PLAYOFFS?"), said this about the whole situation.

Jim Mora Sr., an analyst for NFL Network whose son, Jim Mora Jr., is the coach of the Atlanta Falcons, said, "If the Falcons sign T.O., I'll disown my kid."


shit would be beautiful.

some bonus linkage on TO's clean cut agent. I think im gonna start answering questions that I dont like in person with "NEXT QUESTION!"
ie Bank:"Sir are you aware you are 10k in debt?" Me: "Next question!"


Friday, November 11, 2005 

Just Like The Good Old Days

Have you ever feel a movie is pointless, boring, insulting, and deserves nothing more than to be pulled from the theater? If so the solution to your problem is to shoot someone who was at the movie with you. Follow Me.
Apparently these three dudes got in a scuffle with this other guy at a Loews movie theater in PA and then shot the sorry bastard. The action taken by the movie theater: Remove the film they were watching. The film was (as you prob guessed from the pic) Get Rich or Die Tryin'. All this tells me is that the bitches at Loews corporate might want to consider a raise to the $6 an hour pay for new employees. I used to work at one of them shits and I swear on the good lord jesus that if some punk came in there bustin shots I would use the customers as human shields. Employees there are so unhappy that they might be holdin a burner too. When I worked there half my co-workers were former crack dealers from Lincoln Park (like a project in MoCo) and they all had a history with the law. After all, you don't work for $6 an hour for the hope of a 10 cent raise in 6 months.

Moral of the rant, next time you get pissed off in a movie be it Elizabethtown, Pride and Prejudice, or anything. Just shoot one of your fellow viewers and your movie theater will be safe from the menace.

Damn, Its good to be back..........


Please leave the rap ALONE!

So this past few weeks I've been keeping my ear to the street as always and I've noticed a disgustya trend... everyone and their sister wants to make a rap record. For the sake of our ears, I hope the following do no such thing. For real, make a cookbook (for a kitchen, not for a meth lab) of recipes or some shit.

The most recent one is the Indy Colts, have recorded a rap song.. on second thought, if they make the superbowl and have a 2006-version of the 83'bears superbowl shuffle, so I guess I will wait before officially denouncing this rap effort, but may I suggest a different title then "Go Colts" how about "We Gon Kill You (on the field only, followed by a co-team prayer)".

After mis-conceived dreams that he can rap after some crackers cheered him at their championship victory, Tony Parker is coming out with a Rap Album?!?!? And he even got F-a-b-o-l-o-u-s on that shit.. (I'll let Fab slide because I'm pretty certain he got a fat check). There is even a video for this, and fucking Nazr Mohammed and Brent Barry are in it?? Why not just go all out and get Vinny Del Negro and Will Perdue in that shit? I can wait for the shoutouts for the producer team for the album "bon jour to le 'Polygrafic of Texas' Sound Scientists'". You cant make stuff like this up, but if you buy this, please kill yourself by jamming some spurs memorabilia down your throat (then ill mention you on ML for sure!!).

I cant even put this shit into a paragraph..
-Artest worked out in the Indiana JCC??!?!
Fuck it here is the whole quote... of the article

My favorite part of the whole thing is when we ask about T.O. and he replies, "Why? What happened?" Only Artest could say that and actually mean it. Most of the guys on the show find Ron's rap to be the key moment. We ask him to break off a verse and he's kind enough to "give y'all a quick 16"; which my brother so diligently transcribes here:

"I’m feastin’ again, you think I won’t make it, I’m gonna grab the whole rap game and bend it and break it;

Because its hip-hop, yeah, raw and uncut, pores smell like residue from sticky icky stuff, slip some Mickey in my cup;

Get pound out quick, roundhouse kicks, blood on your nice kicks, its hard for me to shoot bricks, easy to shoot pricks, flow got a high kick;

Just like Bruce, kid, maybe Chuck Norris, record sales taken off like flights departin', and you just survivin' cause your songs is garbage..."

Once he finishes, I reply, "Thank you, that was considerate." And yes, I'm taking crap for that and it may be my new catch phrase. F'real though, Artest's work here is far superiorto K-Fed's new joint.

Other highlights from the interview, as transcribed by my brother:

· On punching fans: "Jermaine got a really, really professional hit in there ... Mine was more amateur."

· On retirement: If Indiana wins the title, "There’s a good chance" he’ll retire.

· On Wallace: "I’m not pissed at Ben Wallace ... I wanna fight him in the boxing ring."

· On T.O.: "Sometimes he goes overboard ... That’s my man though, I love him ... I don’t know if he should down his teammates as much as he does."

· On playing elsewhere: "Brooklyn is the gutter; I wouldn’t mind playing in Brooklyn."

· On his cars: "I got a bunch of old toys ... Gas is so expensive these days."

· His '05-'06 predictions: "Jermaine will come away with the MVP ... He's the best player on our team, and we’ll be the best team by July."

Source & Listen to the interview here
, man.. *no homo* but never has an athelete made me so happy with no matter he does. I need to meet him.

Britney Spears' own male hoe bag Kevin Federline is coming out with some musics too, if you dont find this clip peeing your pants worthy, please consider heavy medication. And who ever allowed this to be recorded should be sent to Yemen (Its like Iraq cept without all that war stuff). In the afformentioned interview Artest asks about K-Fed "What is it an Opera?".

yet Pharohe Monch cant get a record out :/


Friday, November 04, 2005 

Its official= Ron Artest My fav. Player *no homo*

Who ever took this photo needs to get some award or some shit.

With Reggie retired my new favorite player is Ron Artest the music mogul, if the new pacers jerseys werent so damn ugly, Id def cop one. On the jew that is running this basketball shit Artest drops some knowledge...

"I know him," Artest said. "He's a cool cat. I think he's from the 'hood. It's good he's showing us some support. I can't wait until he comes to Indiana. Indiana fans are looking forward to seeing him."

Source: Indy Star

I really hope if not the wiz then pacers win the title this year and shit on the assosciation.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005 

North Cackalacky 5-0 Are not fan's of The Game's Halloween attire.

Who would want to mace such a pretty face (oh shit hot line!) *no homo*

Apparently if you are a rapper and want to wear a mask.. Expect to be maced, as what happened to The Game. My highlights of the incident is that he was 'shopping' in a mask and he goes on to say "“They thought I was Rodney King"”...umm we probably wouldn't know who Rodney King was if he was just maced. Oh yea the whole thing was captured in hilarious video footage.

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