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Sunday, November 13, 2005 

I want TO to go the Falcons.

Rosenhaus hooked up TO with a dope telemarketing gig

So I'm sure if you have a pulse and you follow sports you heard about the whole Terrell Owens + Eagles saga, so I wont blabber on about that. But I will say something I hope he ends up with the Atlanta Falcons, and it is a real possibility because why else would you go to a Hawks game??. Hawks have to pay the arena ushers to not turn away from watching the game because they are 83% of the fanbase of the Hawks. But if TO does end up with the falcons Jim Mora Sr ("Playoffs?? PLAYOFFS?"), said this about the whole situation.

Jim Mora Sr., an analyst for NFL Network whose son, Jim Mora Jr., is the coach of the Atlanta Falcons, said, "If the Falcons sign T.O., I'll disown my kid."


shit would be beautiful.

some bonus linkage on TO's clean cut agent. I think im gonna start answering questions that I dont like in person with "NEXT QUESTION!"
ie Bank:"Sir are you aware you are 10k in debt?" Me: "Next question!"


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