Wednesday, April 26, 2006 

Killa Season=The Movie We've been waiting for...

Sadly, the only Movie Poster Hell Rell will ever be on

The day was Tuesday, it was a miracle, the Killa Season DVD was actually released, only one pushback sufficed for this Killa project. No time was wasted to get to watching it, here at ML it was priority numero uno. And oh boy (pun!!) folks if you love Cam'ron and crew's real life antics of being car-jacked to arguing on Bill O'Rielly then this shit is definatley for you. From the outside you might judge this film as a an ametuer fortay into straigh to dvd movies. If you did that, you would be so wrong because Killa, Hell Rell & Co. bring a much deeper than you could possibly imagine.

*The shooting of the film is epic alone, from scenes in '1992' when Cam was in High School selling weed to janiots and teachers they had brand spanking new Dells with flat panel screens at his high school, and the homies he was working with on his *ahem* operations wear the same exact outfits in some scenes that are 14 years apart but in the same exact rooms!

*For you editing buffs, If you look closely you'll see plenty of cameras sticking out through out the film. The flashback scenes in the film occur often and the transition is straight up horrible, I can't even joke about it.

*If you have some fetish about watching true-life crackheads, this movie does it for you, you'll give it a lot of bonus points if you enjoy creackheads without any acting training what so ever.

*The script alone will sweep you off your feet with lines direct at Cam'rons character 'Flea' such as "FUCK A FLEA!!"

*If that is not enough comical genius for you, there is a fucking boatload here. From scenes to where homies are picking up 70 year old ladies to chill with to hollering at ladies that are mourning. Think of this as a hood version of the wedding crashers ending scene.

*If you hate the 5-0, rejoice as here they are portrayed of having some comic as the comissner and consting with a huge task force of 2 officers for the whole prieceint.

*Killa speaking "African" and Spanish is worth the dvd alone.

*Actors who are clearly Puerto Rican are able to play Italians!

*Which ever weed carrier scored the soundtrack, needs some sort of recongition because while the music dosen't really match up with whats on screen I enjoyed watching some upbeat soul/funk song play as Cam gets dressed for a funeral or a dramaitc tense action theme plays as Cam "enjoys" a shorty. *NH* warning you see Cam's ass, unless something fishy is going on, I hope it is directed for the female viewers.

*As you see in the clip bellow a few subliminals are nicely worked in, even Funkmaster Flex pops up as car dealer that dosent require credit checks to throw jabs at Benzino, *MUST SEE*.

*The Gay drug dealer from 'The Wire' pops up for about 10 seconds in the movie...considering it was some violent scene, maybe it was footage of an actual event?

*Drive-by on a bicycle. enough said.

*If you've ever wondered how drugs are trafficked into the country from the Dominican, the movie depicts it as graphically as humanly possibly, for some sick reason I wanted to cry tears of joy.

*There is some random ass gore scene in the movie, with like 123294823483 stabbings on one person alone. The props used for internal body parts look like dog toys from the dollart store dripped in blood red.

*Other than one glass of Orange Juice which gets spilled, and 3 2 liter bottles of soda, the only beverage consumed by the characters is sizzurp.

*The movie includes a random ass trip to Atlanta, which accomplishes very little but shows a lot of strippers in their work place enviroment! (The footage leading up to this 'trip' really looks like some personal video of the whole dipset crew on a private jet, when they land they have a red carpet which Juelz err 'Bandana' eagrliy points out.)

*Flea's lawyer once says "I Love You" to him in one scene, a NO HOMO warninig was nowhere flashing on the screen.

*In the movie, some one actually did casting for this movie, so dudes didn't just randomly show up to shoot this movie, which was what I thought.

*If you think the laughs are over when the credits roll, that is a lie, shit like having about 60 actors simply labeled as 'Crackheads' no numbers to even tell them apart are included.

Oh yeah, that deeper meaning that they bring can't be described in any words, just go see the damn movie!!! While it may not be flashy with all the hollywood shit, it is truly from the streets, this shit gets 5/5 Sizzurp Bottles from ML.
Regardless, after viewing this movie to the bitter end, the conlucsion answers very few questions (see: none) so there must be a sequel ASAP, after the Cam'ron conftonting pedophiles DVD, it is all I really want right now.

oh yeah and this...

(The Album).

aanddd.......Where the fuck is the IMDB page for this movie? Fucking haters are everywhere.

*This scene from the movie shows the beautiful work that was done for the film. I think I'm going to go around randomly screaming GILES! GILES! Mase subliminals and then footage of him crying earn this an A+++ alone.

2 more clips from the movie..

Cam doesn't like the cutting up process apparently...

but he does like spitting on little girls...

some other shit real quick

Umm....WTF IS DAME WEARING? Is he going for an urban Einstein look?

Nice & Simple= A Raekwon interview.

Umm..Sticky Fingaz plays russian roulette?

The 1980's Arizona Wildcats basketball had the illest rhymes, TOM TOLBERT IN THE HOUSE!

props to Deadspin for the find.

on a serious note:
Eminem's speech at Proof's funeral:


Sunday, April 23, 2006 

NHL Playoffs you so gully!

wow.. Damn it feels good to be watching this beautiful shit once more. It kind of makes me forget about the Wizroids getting their asses handed to them by King James.



Friday, April 14, 2006 

Cot damn...

"Why hello there!" says Arsenio

So i was browsing youtube and I came across this video:

If thats not an orgyfest *nh* of classic rap stars, I don't know what it is. It's funny because you hear so many jokes mainly by the white media of how bad/what a failure it was but he was able to get guests like no one else, you dont see any talk show have more than one "rapper of the moment" if that at all, while he was able to get legit legends to come on his show in bunches. I really wish something like this was around for this generation.

Some other shit I wanted to drop is Byata, get this a russian girl that sounds like a cross between of Queen Latifah and MC Lyte. AND she gets beats from Primo, you know she is legit. Anyway the primo track is here and her official site is here.

An MTV piece of the 10 greatest MCs, well done (as well as you'd expect MTV to atleast).

EDIT: Mobb Deep breaks down QB's classic tracks. Although Prodigy dosen't have anything deep to say.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006 

A crappy day all around...

First off i want to say Rest In Peace to Proof of D12 and his family, who was tragically shot and killed in Detroit. Really surreal.

The other thing was I was supposed talk to DJ Khaled of Terror Squad who is fucking clubs up with his "Holla At Me" which features Fat Joe, Paul Wall, Lil Wayne, Pitbull and Rick Ross, this is probably one of the hottest club tracks this year IMO. Well having to use a telephone long distance provider the piece of shit provider was giving me an "all circuits are busy" recording after 30 straight tries, so of course I missed my slot, the lesson I learned is to have like 5 different providers lined up next time lol. It's a shame. But anyway be sure to pickup his album June 6th which also features Trick Daddy, Christina Milian, The Game, Twista, Smitty, Juelz Santana, Akon, Nas, Fabolous, with a dope lineup and Khaled's hot beats I have very high expectations for it!

Monday, April 10, 2006 

dropoff linkage

Hey, Martin Scorsese didn't dosen't have any oscars.

An oscar nominated scene from the epic 'Killa Season'

No questions asked I will be purchasing on the first day, mostly for humor errr acting. You will cry near the end of the scene.

Review 1 (Scroll down)
Review 2

ODB & RZA at a talent show

I <3 RZA's laugh, and the braids. NH.

This is probably the only time you will see an Nsync video on here, but this one got a pass because it's the boys singing to some Two-Pack

I kinda miss normal Whitney.

out. A GANGBANG of shit coming this week.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006 

Say it ain't so Joe!

Sadly this Cheerful couple is divorcing.

Well Emzy is divorcing Kim Mathers for a 2nd time, after only lasting 3 months. I really feel sad for Eminem, poor guy probably has no groupies throwing themselves at him, they are probably really turned off from sleeping pill addicts.

After you read what Immortal Technique says about Stop Snitching, a t-shirt should hardly be a concern for you.

I wonder if he has trouble reading his tattoos?

This Bubba Sparxxx interview has the best picture ever of a rapper pushing a trash receptacle. I kid you not.

Busta Rhymes has a new chain:

so icey.

Speaking of whom, If you need a laugh peep this video. His confrontation with the cops is my highlight. And I guess when you have an album coming out soon, you can't help but stay in the news, even when you are providing citizen of the year-worthy beatdowns to former Sauce co-honcho Dave Mays. Damn I'm on a role, another Busta link I never got around to posting.. an interview with power106 in LA, where he talks about a lot of funny shit but the highlight is talking about giving Nicole Ritchie a "lil somethin".

If you've been reading this shit long enough, you know that I'm a fan of new t-shirt oppertunities when they come up. Thanks to Black Rob for robbing a hotel room, and stealing a joke. (Cmon Diddy probably throws away plasmas on a daily basis). Anyway a Free Black Rob t-shirt will be good for 7 years.

On some serious shit, if you consider yourself a hip-hop head read this Rakim interview. Some interesting shit including his whole Aftermath stint. Part 1. Part 2.

while speaking on old-school stuff.. KRS-1 & Marley Marl squash their beef.. about 20 year later & are working on an album, must be a record for rapper reconciliation length.

The way me and my homeboys sit. It so comfy! *NH*

In some non-hip hop news, Females of the world listen to Sharon Stone,

"If you're in a situation where you cannot get out of sex, offer a blow job. I'm not embarrassed to tell them."

who instantly shoots up in my female actor rankings, she is the Julio Franco of A list actresses.

Ugh.. first there was Tony Parker, then it was the U football team, now fucking TO is rapping. I'm so disgusted, that there will be no link to his site or a clever picture & caption. UGH.

This place:

is worth heart disease or mad cow or whatever. This WaPo write-up makes me salivate like Pavlov's dog.


and a treat for you, Skateboard P's highly antcipated precurser to his album, the mixtape...

1 - The Prequel
2 - When Skateboard Came
3 - Music For The Gangstas feat. T.I. & Young Dro
4 - Fortified
5 - This Is The Life feat. Famlay
6 - Gangsta Grillz
7 - It Was A Great Day
8 - Model In The Hood
9 - Liquid Swords
10 - Sound Boy
11 - Paid In Full feat. Ab Liva
12 - Come Go With Me feat. Clipse
13 - Startrak Movement
14 - Famlay - Scrung Out
15 - Renagotiations
16 - The Message
17 - High Rollers
18 - Word To The Motherland
19 - Prequel Outro
20 - Reminisce
21 - Lavish feat. Twista


I bet those slippers violate the NBA Dress Code.

Carlos Boozer=Not a fan of Prince painting his house purple.

Some old soccer shit, but this deal, makes me think how much Steroided Horse meat is Barry Bonds worth?

I'm going to go ahead and say that G-Dub Bush is nice on the comedy tip.*Note this statement is brought to you by the republican party*


ps I leave you to caption this picture yourself.

awww fuck I couldn't resist "Snoop puts on his Ray Charles for Mariah"

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