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Thursday, July 20, 2006 

Dear ESPN,

His chest hair alone will probably get it's own fan club. The man will start a revolution.


First you played a part in that craze of poker which saw middle schoolers forfeiting their lunches in exchange to play texas hold em' at their lunch tables, by broadcasting the World Series of Poker in prime time on ESPN. I always thought this type of stuff should be relegated to ESPN2 in the afternoon mixed up with some 1993 NBA highlight show. I let that slide by simply choosing to watch another channel, prehaps a movie or some law & order (which only have commercials every 6.5 minutes). Now I can't let this slide, as you have decided to double up your World Series servings by having the aforementioned, and now Word Series of Darts (!?!?!?), BOTH in prime time?!?! Lets just add Bowling to that mix and maybe some World Series of Golden Tee competitions live from an Alabama watering hole and I won't ever need another channel on my TV. I really want to know the demographics who are enticed by the fact they can watch Darts on TV, I'm sure they are top notch members of society that also buy ESPN mobile, ESPN gatorade, ESPN board games. Oh and if you say these are legit 'sports' how come they don't get a peep of coverage on sport center.. (DEAR GOD DON'T ACTUALLY COVER THEM ON THERE.).

Concerned ESPN Viewer,

I couldn't agree more. If they begin to show highlights of Darts or Poker on "SportsCenter", I will never watch the show again. The overdone catchphrases are enough as it is.

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