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Monday, June 26, 2006 

Explain this...

So I was over at SpineMagazine and they posted a new Rampage (long time Flipmode Squad homie) track off of his new album, the track is called
I'm Rollin With You,
in an interview when the said song is asked about...

Nobodysmiling.com : A lot of people are saying you don’t need to pay excessive amounts for money for beats; did you have to pay big bucks for the Neptunes beat?

Rampage : Nah. Sometimes I just don’t pay nothing for beats. I just make sure they get it on their publishing.

So what is the damn point you ask? Well it is very simple listen here, he used a 5 year old Backstreet Boys track and is either trying to pull a fast one making it seem he is down with the neptunes (he even shouts out them on the track), which is pretty sad when it looks like Rampage probably acquired the beat without even working directly with the neptunes. Or if he did work with the neptunes, why would you use a 5 year old beat? Or did the neptunes try to rip off Rampage (least likely IMO). Regardless why would you put this on a retail album? This shit should stick to mixtapes, where I wouldn't have any problem with it. Any Insight folks?

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