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Saturday, June 03, 2006 

The Shit you have to watch...

When Tony Sparks talks you HAVE to watch & listen..

I was cracking up watching this, one of the best internets finds in a bit.

He could talk about knitting sweaters and that shit would be interesting. I spotted this on SpineMagazine & Styles By Gram via Nahright

The shit you dont have to watch..

Pharell Ft. Kanye-Number 1
am I the only one that views this song & video as whack? Shit is way to corny to even make an album let alone a single.

The shit you might want to read...
Buckwild (of DITC) interview, he covers alot of good shit on beatmaking to having his biggest hit being Black Rob's 'Whoa. And More.

So Lloyd Banks' Mom encourages
him to do Girls Gone Wild type films? And He will have Rakim on his next album? hm...

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