Sunday, May 28, 2006 

Dr. Octagon - Chapter 4

Here we reach the halfway point with Chapter 4, enjoy!

The Setting:
3 AM, A wet, but warm late night, or should we say early morn, in the Bronx. Def Jukie Rob Sonic finds himself, as he has many times, at his favorite joint, The Telicatessen. His head in his hands, elbows on the table, over a cup of the blackest cup of Joe this side of 110th Street, he recounts the events to the evening.

Earlier That Night:
A blowout party downtown was taking place in the honor of slain sucker MCs. Rob place at the bar was firmly in place when a hand drops on his left shoulder. As he turns to find no one there he returns face forward to a small box on the bar. “What the … “

The box reads “for your eyes only.” He expects it’s a joke played on him and decides to pause on the opening.

Back at The Telicatessen:
A strange headache has descended on Rob by this point and the short stack with sausage hasn’t helped the cause. A solid stroke of the cloth napkin to clean his lips and leaves his staring back at the mysterious box. “Screw it …” he mumbles to himself as he grabs the knife beside him, gives the box a shake and digs in. The contents reveal two things; a CD burn labeled “Dr Octagon” with a sharpie and a note from OCD saying:

“This is what I wanted you to hear.”

“What ever…” He says to himself as he drops two Lincolns on the table face down and nods to the cute waitress behind the counter.

As Rob looks up and head to the door he swears he see from the corner of his eye two beady eyes glowing green through the window. But it’s late and he plays it off to exhaustion.

On the way to the car an eerie feeling of being followed consumes him. Nothing but shadows behind him yet still the feeling persists. His pace quickens… Movement to his right… Shuffles heard to the left … and a strange musty smell floats in the air. He darts to the car and locks the door with a feeling of momentary safety.

The disc still in hand, he slips it in the player and kicks on the ignition. The track begins, the gas peddle descends and he pulls off. Soon after Rob feels a sharp shock as his car is bumped from behind. Looking in the rearview mirrors, he sees a green pick up truck, just inches behind him. A large, dark, muscle-bound figure is behind the wheels. The pickup drops back and smashes them again. This time, a tail light is broken off. Rob expels expletives “What the F#@k!”

Rob accelerates, pushing 70 mph, trying to escape this madman insisting on a dangerous high-speed chase. The truck changes left, then right, then back again trying to overtake Rob’s vehicle. Rob glances at the gas tank gauge on his dashboard - It’s getting close to empty. Rob is surprised; he distinctly remembers filling up just earlier that day. Rob searches for a truck stop but there doesn’t seem to be any in sight. Bam! The truck hits him again.

He turns back…
“ What The …!? Is that a gorilla?”

The rest unfolds …as such.

“A Gorilla Driving A Pick-Up Truck” - Rob Sonic Road Rage Remix

Friday, May 26, 2006 

Boycott TNA (Wrestling Company) IMMEDIATELY

I was flipping through channels and I came across Spike TV, and they had some wrestling on (I used to be a big fan of wrestling in my early teens, in the late 90s), I saw a farmilar face but something was wrong, but I wasn't sure..then I realized what the hell was wrong they had a segment with a wrestler wearing BLACKFACE, are you fucking kidding that in the year 2006 this is viewed acceptable? Where the hell is Spike TVs Standards & Practices lawyers?? If it was some other group of people being disrespected someone would have a big enough problem that it wouldn't air. Everyone involved with this travesty from the racists that wrote the storyline to the wrestlers that apparenlty have no self-value. If I was a wrestler, even if it was my only way to make a living and I was instructed to do something like this I would be leave. I wonder what the Black wrestlers of this company thought when they saw this?

here are the pictures:


if you don't understand why I'm so pissed maybe you should start some reading over here.

people, what are your thoughts?


wow... I sort of remember this, so I guess the TNA shouldnt really suprise me considering 2 of the same guys are involved in both. Probably more tomorrow.

Saturday, May 20, 2006 

Dr. Octagon - Chapter 3

I know you've been is part 3..

The Return Of Doctor Octagon, Chapter 3: The Money Fight Fire Ants

Dark clouds have descended over the OCD offices. It's been three weeks since receiving the mysterious package from the good Doctor and they are nowhere closer to deciphering his message for the people of earth. What's worse is their two previous code crackers have become useless. Mike Relm has been only responding in binary code, which when deciphered, says

"Times up Ants move with the bell"

The Gray Kid has been committed to a mental hospital. They last heard he has been scribbling on the walls:

"Look at them crawl, look at them climb up the wall, like roaches"

Nervous, anxious, and paranoid, all seems lost for the people of OCD. After putting their heads together, they turn their attention to the Northern CA hills. Placing a call on the purple phone, it rings 14 times only to receive this message:

"Sorry, Her Space Holiday is not in right now. We are out on a global tour teaching a 12-part dissertation on how the past presents the future: a study of audiological time travel. Please leave your message after the beat beat beat."

Defeated, devastated and defunct, the OCD feels the walls closing in on them. The despair lies on top of them like the weight of the world. Not a word is spoken. Then the purple phone rings. As it's picked up, someone yells, "Track that call!"

OCD Operator: How did you get this number?

The Money Fight: That is not important. We hear you have... some problems.

OCD Operator: Who is this? Where are you from?

TMF: We are The Money Fight. Where we are from is of no importance, what is important is that you listen closely.

OCD Tracker: It's coming from LA

OCD Operator: What do you want?

TMF: You must listen. We hear you received a package. We received the same package 5 years ago. Upon opening it, destruction and chaos descended upon our society. People were almost crushed under a weight of despair and grief. We were nearly decimated as a people.

OCD Tracker: Wait, its New York. Keep them talking.

OCD Operator: What happened?

TMF: We thought all was lost. Villages burned, people terrorized each other in the streets, and our society was reduced to almost nothing. That was until we were able to break the code. Through a combination of modern technology, audiological innovations and numerous sacrifices, we were able to save our great society. We were almost able to undo the damage. Almost. We hear two of your people have been infected.

OCD Tracker: Australia!

OCD Operator: Yes, can you help them?

TMF: Yes, we can. You are safe for now. And if you ever find the 'good' doctor, tell him we are coming for him.

OCD Tracker: Saturn?

OCD Operator: Hello? Hello?

All is silent again. Had that all been a prank? Suddenly all the computers light up and the stereo switches on. A whistle blows. As the beat drops, and the strings soar, all begins to look up at the OCD office.

And we go "la, la, la, laaaaaa..."

Download the Ants (The Money Fight Fire Ants Remix) now! (Check out the mp3 tags for extra goodies)

More info on Her Space Holiday and Money Fight

Previous Chapters:

Al Green (The Gray Kid Al Greezy remix
Mike Relm 20 minute Return of Dr Octagon megamix

Log on next Friday for the next installment of this amazing 8 week story featuring new interpretations of Dr Octagon tracks each week by Prefuse 73, Kid Loco, Rob Sonic, Skinny Man and more.

The Return of Doctor Octagon Official Website

The Return of Dr. Octagon MySpace page

The Return Of Dr Octagon hits stores June 27th

Sunday, May 14, 2006 

Dr. Octagon - Chapter 2

Here is the 2nd installment of the Kool Keith series we are running...

Chapter 2: AL GREAZY

When we last left off, Mike Relm started the Decipher Series by breakin' down the history of the infamous Dr Octagon. But still unclear on what this new material was intended to mean, OCD has gone to their list of interpreters to get to the root of it.

Meanwhile on the Left Coast...

A hot, gray Los Angeles afternoon finds Gray Kid chillin' on Venice Beach. Mac on his lap, posting to his blog, the Kid is interrupted by a pop-up window. It's OCD on the I.M.

OCD: We need your services a.s.a.p.
GrayKid5678: Is there dough involved?
OCD: None, this is for the sake of all mankind.
Graykid5678: What are you talking about?
OCD: The Return of Dr. Octagon is upon us.
GrayKid5678: Oh word?
OCD: Yeah, we need you to decipher the hidden meaning of an audio track entitled "Al Green." We believe it was sent to us by Dr. Octagon.
GrayKid5678: I thought that dude got got...
OCD: Just accept the File Transfer and get to work Kid.
GrayKid5678: Now you're all bossy like? Whatever, I'm about it, but you owe me one holmes...

As the file transfer completes, the Kid queues the track in his media player and slips his headphones on. He pauses to observe the scene around him. Beautiful women in bikinis, bodybuilders with goatees, kids with rainbow colored waterguns. All is well. Yet, the Kid feels uneasy. He hesitates, then presses play.

The bass loop, the guitar stabs, the piano keys – the Kid is mesmerized. The hair on his neck jump to attention, his pupils harden and his veins begin to bulge. When the vocal drops, the Kid gasps and glances up. A large, hairy man dressed in traditional Pakistani garb stands before him. The man places his sweaty arms on the Kid's shoulders, staring him down with eyes glowing neon green. The man speaks, oddly enough, with an urban American accent, "All you motherfuckers trying to be Al Green... Suckers, pack your shit!"

The Kid snatches his headphones off and shakes his head vigorously to snap out of the hallucination. The strange man gone, everything around him appears to be normal. Yet, convinced that something sinister is afoot, the Kid gets to work. He cuts and pastes and patches and scratches until the sun sets, until the investigative analysis is complete. He emails the results, the raw essence of the audio distilled via his skills as a pop chemist, off to OCD.

Now that business has been taken care of, the Kid smacks his lips contemplating the thought of slurping down a cool cerveza to relax with after all the day's excitement. His left hand reaches into his pocket to pull out funds to turn this dream into a reality. He freezes.

"Yo! Where's my money clip?"

Until next time...

Al Green (The Gray Kid Al Greezy remix)

For more on the Gray Kid -

Previous Chapters:

Mike Relm 20 minute Return of Dr Octagon megamix

Thursday, May 04, 2006 

ML Hooks it up E-40 Winners...

Congrats to

Juan of Visalia, CA for winning the pormo dvd.
Martha of NY for winning the key chain.
Nikki of Seaside, CA for winning the beanie.
Erica of Antioch for winning the folder.

be on the lookout for more chances to win great stuff very soooon!!


talkin back to back

I'd try this outfit, but I'm also a perfect size to be stuffed in a hallway locker.

One of the most unique/out of this world/alternative rappers is back, Kool Keith with his alter ego Dr. Octagon..Here is the 1st part of a 8 week series to reintroduce/introduce you to the other Doc!

... 10 years since Dr. Octagon's groundbreaking first address to the world, "Dr. Octagonecologyst <> ", a musical recording with a combination of lyrical alchemy and beat science powerful enough to teleport the first human listeners to rap in the year 3000.

... 7 years since Dr. Dooom murdered Dr. Octagon on the opening track to Dooom's "First Come First Served"... Dr. Octagon's office in the Bronx was boarded up, the nurses obliged to seek alternate means of employment. Thousands of patients in need of rectal rebuilding or removing turtles from their uteruses had to fulfill their medical needs elsewhere. The toll-free hotline 1-800-PP5-1-DOODOO and his space age cell 709 755 6EL3 were both disconnected.

The Pop epidemic proliferates, poisoning millions. Evil forces at work, those who "water down the sound that comes from the ghetto", continue plugging this poison directly into Earth society's mainstream, in greater and greater doses. The casualties mount, while The National Guard United States Enterprise is helpless. The rap game, overcrowded with so-called rap super-villains, now more than ever before, could use a rap superhero.

The team at OCD International arrived for work to find a small indiscriminate package has arrived mysteriously at their doorstep. Unlabeled. How curious. Opening the box, its sole content is discovered – what seems to be a nano-size mp3 player, in purple-green casing adorned with shimmering blue flowers. An inscription, laser etched on the back reads, "Attention: Earth People. From the Labs of Dr. Octagon, Planet Jupiter".

Could it be? THE RETURN OF DR OCTAGON!? Is this really the one & only Dr. Octagon? The folks at OCD had to get to the bottom of this. The tracks were immediately ripped off the mp3 player and then shipped for intense forensic voice identification. IT IS HIM!

But what is he saying? What is the message and why is it left with OCD? To get to the bottom of the mystery as crack team of musical experts were assembled to analyze the content of some key track and decipher the code.

First on the case was DJ Mike Relm, inventor of the Zodyak Scop System, esteemed architect of the future sound of hip hop. Mike has seen a lot of strange things in his time; it is no secret that he was once a Turntable Terrorist trafficking in supernatural sonics. He plugged into his ProTools, only to find himself possessed... By some superior force.

After an indefinite period of time, he awoke with a start, in his studio in San Francisco. He vaguely recalls visions of a 12th century turret in the old quarter of Prague, and a vile, evil creature only describable as halfsharkalligatorhalfman. Not to mention, Mike's throbbing head. Confused and disoriented, he glanced over to his computer screen. A long, dense 20-minute waveform is displayed; the name of the file reads "Octagynaemix". Could it be Mike's mix unfolded during a freak forced coma brought on from post-future hypnotic soundwave embedded in the files. Or did Mike just have some bad fish.

Only he truly knows...

Mike Relm 20 minute Return of Dr Octagon megamix

Log on next Friday for the next installment of this amazing 8 week story featuring new interpretations of Dr Octagon tracks each week by Prefuse 73, Kid Loco, Her Space Holiday, Rob Sonic, Skinny Man and more.

The Return Of Dr Octagon hits stores June 27th

....for a white scientoligist guy.

some other shit I have come across, I am really obsessed with the Aresnio Hall Clips as of late..

NWA - 100 Miles and Runnin'

Beastie Boys - So Watcha Want

Big Daddy Kane - I Get The Job Done
... this guy had the sickest dance moves of any MC, he needs a record deal right now, its been wayyyy to long.

also it looks like Mobb Deep + Jay-Z have made up, only 2313123 years late, I wonder if Curtis Jackson told them (Mobb Deep) to play nice?

Cam's new magazine?
and we have very high expecations for his website right here.

It looks like all the stabbings/shootings/running aways might have to be done at another location as they are trying to evict Hot97

A very deep interview with my favorite MC, Talib Kweli..
Part 1 Part 2
Talks a lot about all the label bullshit.

More Ghostface, in an actual Kitchen!

I like Raja Bell but Kobe pretty much clowned him in this one. If it was me I would make some Taco Bell joke.

damn youtube is taking over this mug.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006 

a gang full of goodness

Wassup party people...

First off..

Rae & Ghost choose drivers over driving.

Here is some essential ghostface reading for you of the best pieces I've seen in a minute.

Over on Yahoo Music, there is a feature of a bunch of Bay area MC's like E-40 & Yukmouth dropping 8 bars and passing the mic. Check it out right here.

I also came across a Houston version...

Phonte from Little Brother breaks down Mobb Deep's Blood Money. Good Read.

Check this crazy DJ Premier Thunder radio show from WBSL on 11-11-1994, a must hear...

Brand Nubian - Word is Bond (Remix)
Organized Konfusion - Why
Biggie - Warning
The Roots/Bahamadia - Proceed III
Mobb Deep - Shook Ones Pt. II
The Edge - Do Ya Dirt
Madman Shawn - Walk Thru Hell
World Renown - Come Take A Ride
Brother Arthur - What You Gonna Do
Justice System - Dedication To Bambaataa (Diamond D remix?)

Part 2

Justice System - Dedication To Bambaataa (Remix)
Channel Live - Mad Izm
Keith Murray - The Most Beautifullest... (Remix)
Craig Mack - Flava in Ya Ear (Remix)
Raekwon - Heaven & Hell
Bushwackass - How We Hymn
Nine - Redrum
Dana Dane - Record Jock
Group Home - Supa Star

Part 1
Part 2

Kids Ice-T was pretty gangsta even on Arsenio Hall show..

One of the most underated Female MC's Yo Yo...

Classic Yo! MTV Raps with Eric B. & Rakim

One of the best to ever do it, Rakim.. an Interview

An Interview with your favorite rapper's favorite rapper. Skillz!

Rapper Gravy was shot in the ass, went to the radio station, then to the hospital, all 5 of his mixtapes fans probably care.

Only Reggie Evans could soothe the madness of Danny Fortson

While we here at ML are focused on the NHL playoffs & the Wizards about to dominate the King all the way to the 2nd round.. we couldn't help but notice Reggie Evans did some rather odd action.. *NO HOMO*

and crazy white guy's Kaman's reaction:

while we are on the NBA it seems like MJ & TI met up

No word if MJ was willing to throw a pickup game to Mr. Harris. It seems like MJ can't even look low enough to see TI.

Here on ML we bitch non stop about athletes putting out rap records, well here is more shit to fuel our moaning fire, XXL has put together the whole list (with audio) of sad attempts of NBA players trying to make "music". It is also kinda disturbing the big names you hear on there.

here is a graphical run down of who has put out attempts...

This album couldn't even win a vibe award if it paid for one.

Damn.. I guess there will be no AI vs Fat Joe beef on HOT97.

attention recrod labels! You dropped the ball (PUN!!), i haven't seen a basketball version of best of both worlds with these two, it would sell like aquafina on a desert island!

If Tony Parker had a rap concert he would have to open up for the main act, "Noize of basketball bouncing on a stage".

Bruce Bowen does a good job of representing everyones feelings for Kobe's music. He even failed at getting a criminal cred up

Sorry Troy, buying an iced out chain does not make you a rapper or even a weed carrier.

You know you shouldn't make music when you can't sell after being on the Today show! (Those 40-some housewifes know their hip-hop shit!)


well atleast it looks like Kidd would have a stage persona, could TJ be his hypeman?

Glove: U MAD?


While we are here in Buffalo, we can't stay away from AAA Baseball games, and it seems no matter where we go gullyness (in this case dances) follow!


some bonus youtube shit=
C for Cookie

public access LA show..dude got some moves...weird moves...


phew that made me tired...

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