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Friday, July 07, 2006 

Say What?

Scrappy is loyal to Mrs. Cleo till his last day, word up.

So XXL posted an interview with now G-Unit homie Lil Scrappy, it is quite interesting.

my 2 highlights;

Is there anything you wouldn’t do for more money?

Yeah, I mean, I wouldn’t be no faggot. That’s about it.

So there you have it folks he will do anything for some money, cept some homo activites. Talk about self value.


You rhyme a lot about blaming the government on this new song “Shake My World.” Are you getting political on the new album?

Actually, I was just doing that song, so I guess somebody got their hands on it and put it out there. But I mean, I am political. Who ain’t political? Nobody likes what’s going on. But the whole thing about that song is, I was saying that we blame everything that happens to us on everybody else. In the song I’m like [sings] “George Bush to blame…For everything.” Like, why? I don’t like some shit that he do, I’m a democrat all day. But at the end of the day, this dude, he a gorilla. He goin’ against these other muthafuckas and he trying to win. He trying to get that oil. But whatever he trying to get, he trying to put it over here. They tell people “The Hurricane is coming.” Is it his fault that you didn’t leave? I don’t understand that. But I am with the people when they say “Fuck George Bush” because of a lot of the fucked up shit that he do.

Now I think more rappers should be aware of whats going on and political, but don't stand up for a president if you are gonna say fuck him in the end, it dosen't make much sense. I know very few people who think Bush was not involved in the whole Katrina fiasco, Scrappy being one of them now I guess.

speaking of say what..

All those PBS fiends will want that Master P chain. I guess it's hard to get cred on Seaseme Street.

and then there is this..

too hot.

Also there is this guy, just for turning himself in during a live news broadcast while drinking a sprite he should be set free.

So Maurice Clarett thinks playing in some beer indoor football league will turn his career around....yea when the team has 4 players and is goining to have 'tryouts' sometime soon..So I wonder how much he is getting payed.

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