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Loose ends..

Some shit I want to drop on you guys real quick...

Rick Ross showing the best rap beard this side of Freeway.

First in celebration of me being able to see RICKEEEYYYYYYYY ROSSSSSSSSS along with Ghostface in a few weeks, check out a preview by the Fader of the record here. I think it is going to be a hot summer album.

Carl Monday is saving mankind.

Now this is by far and I mean by very far my fav. story of the year, maybe the decade. It comes thanks to the amazing folks over at deadspin. There is a investigative reporter in Cleveland that did a story on umm some behaviors of Library patrons... the rest is internet history. The saga has lasted a few months and could be labeled the Mike Cooper Saga. Check out the the video that started it all here, then the saga came to a very beautiful conclusion this past week in court. You know Carl Monday is special when he has his own
Fan Page. There better be a part deux with maybe a hardware store stripper or something. PLEASE.


Dear ESPN,

His chest hair alone will probably get it's own fan club. The man will start a revolution.


First you played a part in that craze of poker which saw middle schoolers forfeiting their lunches in exchange to play texas hold em' at their lunch tables, by broadcasting the World Series of Poker in prime time on ESPN. I always thought this type of stuff should be relegated to ESPN2 in the afternoon mixed up with some 1993 NBA highlight show. I let that slide by simply choosing to watch another channel, prehaps a movie or some law & order (which only have commercials every 6.5 minutes). Now I can't let this slide, as you have decided to double up your World Series servings by having the aforementioned, and now Word Series of Darts (!?!?!?), BOTH in prime time?!?! Lets just add Bowling to that mix and maybe some World Series of Golden Tee competitions live from an Alabama watering hole and I won't ever need another channel on my TV. I really want to know the demographics who are enticed by the fact they can watch Darts on TV, I'm sure they are top notch members of society that also buy ESPN mobile, ESPN gatorade, ESPN board games. Oh and if you say these are legit 'sports' how come they don't get a peep of coverage on sport center.. (DEAR GOD DON'T ACTUALLY COVER THEM ON THERE.).

Concerned ESPN Viewer,

Sunday, July 16, 2006 

ML does some diggin.. 7.16.06

So hopefully this is a series I'll be able to run which I post some random tracks that I'm into or are I think you should check out.
ok so to kick it off..

This is the extended remix of TLC's 1992 hit 'What About Your Friends' ft. The Outkast (yes kids they were doing hot shit way before B.O.B./Ms. Jackson), this track is produced by Organized Noize and really shows why TLC is one of the best if not the best female groups of our generation, anyways check it out.

Mp3 Link.

bonus: my 'current' track of the day (maybe week? month?) Clipse Ft. Slim Thug-Womp Womp, courtesy of the nice fellas at spinemagazine.

Friday, July 14, 2006 

ahhh my eyes.. and some Ron Ron



and yup Ron Artest is still keeping everything on point. see here:

Q: Have you talked to him, done any campaigning to get him back?

A: He called me last week. I told him if he leaves, then I'm going to kill him. Unless he wants to die, he's got to stay (with the Kings).

umm.. Bonzi I'd Take Ron's advice.

Source also Deadspin.

I think Borat will be movie of the year.

BONUS: Kayslay speaks on Papoose and more.


Sunday, July 09, 2006 

Classic Television

This is my new favorite show!!! I was flippin through channels yesterday and instead of my usual passing of MTV I was blessed to come upon a show called "Blowin' Up." Now, I'm not that huge of a Jamie Kennedy fan but watching the dude go through a serious effort to drop an album is one of the most entertaining things I have seen in a long time. What really makes this show for me is the crazy folks that pop-up to furthur his journey to music stardom. Mike Jones, Method Man, and Bob Saget (who actually raps?) are just the few I saw in my brief foray into the series. I mean, where the hell else am I gonna see a Wu-tang member and Full House actor in the same damn show?

I don't even know when shit is on I need to check my listings.........

Listen to his album on his Myspace. Classic shit.........

Also my favorite show when I was 7 is being made into a movie. Check the Trailer.

Friday, July 07, 2006 

Say What?

Scrappy is loyal to Mrs. Cleo till his last day, word up.

So XXL posted an interview with now G-Unit homie Lil Scrappy, it is quite interesting.

my 2 highlights;

Is there anything you wouldn’t do for more money?

Yeah, I mean, I wouldn’t be no faggot. That’s about it.

So there you have it folks he will do anything for some money, cept some homo activites. Talk about self value.


You rhyme a lot about blaming the government on this new song “Shake My World.” Are you getting political on the new album?

Actually, I was just doing that song, so I guess somebody got their hands on it and put it out there. But I mean, I am political. Who ain’t political? Nobody likes what’s going on. But the whole thing about that song is, I was saying that we blame everything that happens to us on everybody else. In the song I’m like [sings] “George Bush to blame…For everything.” Like, why? I don’t like some shit that he do, I’m a democrat all day. But at the end of the day, this dude, he a gorilla. He goin’ against these other muthafuckas and he trying to win. He trying to get that oil. But whatever he trying to get, he trying to put it over here. They tell people “The Hurricane is coming.” Is it his fault that you didn’t leave? I don’t understand that. But I am with the people when they say “Fuck George Bush” because of a lot of the fucked up shit that he do.

Now I think more rappers should be aware of whats going on and political, but don't stand up for a president if you are gonna say fuck him in the end, it dosen't make much sense. I know very few people who think Bush was not involved in the whole Katrina fiasco, Scrappy being one of them now I guess.

speaking of say what..

All those PBS fiends will want that Master P chain. I guess it's hard to get cred on Seaseme Street.

and then there is this..

too hot.

Also there is this guy, just for turning himself in during a live news broadcast while drinking a sprite he should be set free.

So Maurice Clarett thinks playing in some beer indoor football league will turn his career around....yea when the team has 4 players and is goining to have 'tryouts' sometime soon..So I wonder how much he is getting payed.

Thursday, July 06, 2006 

ML's Something to view...

Recently I have really been into watching documentaries, one of the last I've seen is 'The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till', it goes into great depths of a senseless murder of a 13 year old, Emmett Till in racist Mississippi. I've never heard of this event before Kanye name dropped him in his 'Through the Wire' track. The whole event makes you wonder how anyone could have so much hate to anyone let alone a kid, even if you don't watch the movie do a google image search Emmett Louis Till to see what the south was about only 50 years ago, I'm sure you will be disgusted as I was.

Offical Site


Dr. Octagon- Chapter 8

The end of the series is here folks, sorry to all for the delay in posting this, so enjoy it.

The Return Of Doctor Octagon, Chapter 8: Dj ESE & Bisc1 "Perfect World" (Life During Wartime Remix)

Rob Sonic, Mike Relm, The Gray Kid and the staff of OCD stood behind the front door staring at it. Behind them, staring along with them via webcam were the other members of the Decipher project. It was time for an epic battle, and they all knew it. They wanted to believe from everything that had happened that Dr. Octagon was trying to present mankind a path to a better world, and this pesky alien tribe of Gorillas was trying to prevent him, and so they must fight. But was it all that simple? The facts seemed so confusing. Yet, they knew the time had come...

Rob clutched his sledgehammer tighter. Mike slowly twisted his nunchuks. Gray Kid slipped his razor-edged money clips out of his pocket, into his hands. Behind them, the monitor screens stared back at the scene, but the people behind had disappeared.

Rob kicked open the door, and the battalion of vigilantes stormed the yard outside only to be greeted by the sweltering stillness of a late Los Angeles evening. No Gorillas in sight. Only darkness. Silence.

They headed to the curb and looked down the street to the west, into the ocean. A faint rumble could be heard as something emerged on the horizon. Hummers. Big, huge, gigantic hummers.

Disciple 908 was right: the Gorillas were headed straight for OCD HQ, presumably for the master recording in the mp3 player that appeared mysteriously eight weeks ago. The Decipher crew had not only lead the Gorillas right to it, but had now been drawn out, like pawns in a chess game, away from the very item they have sworn to protect. Mike Relm and Gray Kid raced back inside the building to retrieve the mp3 player and keep it guarded. Rob Sonic and OCD staff stood ready to face the oncoming onslaught when gusts of wind picked up around them.

Looking up, they saw a stealth bomber arriving, hovering high above them. Small figures jumped out of the airplane and sped toward the ground with jetpacks. Rob gave a sigh of relief when he realizes that its members of the Money Fight and Cassettes Won't Listen. As Drake landed, he ran to Rob and explained, "That's Kid Loco's plane. He powers it with some strong skunk... damn that plane flies high and light!"

With the reinforcements, the Decipher crew's morale surged and they gathered to barricade the building. The Hummers approached closer and closer. The crew held their positions. The first Hummer screeched to a halt in front of the building. The crew held their positions. The front doors opened... and out popped a brown hi-top sneaker with neon blue stripes. It wasn't Gorillas - it was DJ Ese and Bisc1 of Embedded Music.

"We don't have much time," announced Ese. "My guy's got a pressing plant locked down in Simi Valley - let's get the masters there and dupe Dr. Octagon's message a.s.a.p. With packaging, we can flood the streets with them in a few days. That's going to be the only way we can protect ourselves from the Gorillas." With cheers of approval, everyone piled into the Hummers as fast as they could. At last, the Decipher crew could commit, with fair certainty, that Dr. Octagon's message was good, no longer evil, and must be disseminated widely towards the betterment of the world.

As they drove off, a lowly intern in the back of the last Hummer in the caravan, turned to look out the back window at the OCD HQ building for one last time. He gasped; "who is that boney figure on the rooftop? He's wearing a labcoat with a stethoscope around his neck, and seems to be holding the head of some black hairy creature in his hand." The intern shook his head and looked again...

Dr. Octagon had disappeared...

Remix Link:

DJ ESE featuring Bisc1 "Perfect World" (Life During Wartime Mix)



We Got Him 4 Cheep!

Does anybody remember Stack Bundles? That dude who was on pretty much every NY mixtape for the last couple of years but still hasn't "blown up". Well apparently the man who is the self-declared center of a label "bidding war" has chosen to roll with the Byrdgang.

Now I'm not sure if this is a label choice, but if it is it means dude is probably droppin' via KOCH. Now I know everyone wants that whole $10 per album shit but I find it extremely hard to believe that KOCH has much to offer in a bidding war against labels like Def Jam and Universal.

Who knows maybe this will be the thing to boost his solo career? Worked for Jeezy and Boyz in Da Hood. A year from now we could all be wearing Banned Green Easter Bunny T-Shirts, or whatever the hell his symbol is........ maybe a Turkey with icy Sunglasses.

Flip Got Clover.


Monday, June 26, 2006 

Explain this...

So I was over at SpineMagazine and they posted a new Rampage (long time Flipmode Squad homie) track off of his new album, the track is called
I'm Rollin With You,
in an interview when the said song is asked about... : A lot of people are saying you don’t need to pay excessive amounts for money for beats; did you have to pay big bucks for the Neptunes beat?

Rampage : Nah. Sometimes I just don’t pay nothing for beats. I just make sure they get it on their publishing.

So what is the damn point you ask? Well it is very simple listen here, he used a 5 year old Backstreet Boys track and is either trying to pull a fast one making it seem he is down with the neptunes (he even shouts out them on the track), which is pretty sad when it looks like Rampage probably acquired the beat without even working directly with the neptunes. Or if he did work with the neptunes, why would you use a 5 year old beat? Or did the neptunes try to rip off Rampage (least likely IMO). Regardless why would you put this on a retail album? This shit should stick to mixtapes, where I wouldn't have any problem with it. Any Insight folks?

Sunday, June 25, 2006 

Mos Def and Al Gore

Shows Mos Def knows his shit..

Thursday, June 22, 2006 

Dear New York Knicks, get ready to suck some more.

Isaiah Providing one beautiful stare.

So The Knickerbockers have fired Larry Brown, that should kind of irk you, but the fact Isaiah Thomas will become coach should force any Knicks fan to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge. With the roster they got now they are starting to look like Trailblazers of the early 00s, a bunch of flashy names but nothing else, they are a team that is Stackhoused (a bunch of scorers who are in the point of their careers where they can only benefit a team by playing 20 minutes and coming off the bench). It has been proven that Isaiah can't run shit, not the Raptors, not the Pacers and def. not the CBA. He replaces a man who in 30+ years has never left a team with a losing record, untill now that is. I don't feel bad for Larry Brown though, he will be getting fat stacks of paper from the Knicks for plain ice cold chillin.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006 

What the shit...

Biz Markie shows Fat Joe, what Fat really is.

So Fat Joe is telling everyone to bet our kitchen sinks on his new album which drops in september, as much as I enjoy betting my kitchen sink on things (or throwing refrigerators), I am not buying it because he already has had records with Scott Storch and Just Blaze, and digging up the same formula once more isn't going to work, but I am hopeful, I would be sold if he got Primo back, now that would be a statement.

Some local shit...

Baltimore is going to be the place be late July for Artscape, Concerts by Common, Goapele, Citizen Cope, Cut Chemist, Peanut Butter Wolf all for FREE.
check out more info here. I am def there.

Cause my etiquette skills are so sick, Aren't only women supposed to curtsy?

So I was watching the news and I saw a new hotel opening up in DC called Hotel Palomar, that has all of it's employees ballet trained, let me tell you that no "real" man should ever be staying at this hotel.. Story 1, Story 2. Well if you do.. you might as well be wearing a fairy outfit.

speaking of the news.. and someone sadly reppin DC...

Well atleast Maury Povich has the flyest...80 year old newsreporter. Props dude.

Before I go, one more album like the Clipse album is finally coming out..Nore, it better not be some Daddy Yankee shit.



Ali Vegas.

My favorite NY mixtape rapper, this side of Papoose has a little video out, actually he and Pap have been around the same amount of time, He came around 1999-2000, and Pap was around in 1999, he had a vinyl out and some tracks with Kool G Rap. Random factoid, Ali Vegas is the cousin of Lamar Odom.



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