Thursday, April 28, 2005 

Breaking News...

So after having another sick update ready, I was being distracted by the Suns/Grizz game so I was gonna finish it the next day... Well while I was off getting my learn on the power flickered and by whole update typed in blogger went bye bye. Oh well.

Bizzy Bone=Mental Breakdown to the 999th Degree? (on the right)

Apparently Bizzy Bone from bone thugs n harmony appeared on Houston's KPFT FM radio station. Lets just say I have never listened to a 11minute radio interview back to back, but this shit is wow. To say he went crazy is an understatement... HE WENT FUCKING POSTAL. I would usually try to give you some highlights/high points of shit but the whole thing is one big highlight. Honestly Im speechless....Please post your thoughts/favorite parts in comments.

One of Queensbridge's finest Tragedy Khadafi has independent movie coming out entitled "Tragedy" documenting the Queensbridge projects. I am really looking forward to it, looks like its well put together.

Some of you might’ve thought the Spurs were done after game 1, well as we saw last night in game 2 that’s not the case. I bet its because they saw TAKE IT TO THE BANK.

New Missy Single, "Loose Control". Cop. Its on that Get UR Freak on tip.

Oh yeah this post is motivated by my mans the Ice Cream man hooking up the bubblegum cigarettes.

Pt. 2 Coming tommarow!

Thursday, April 21, 2005 

slow days

ayooooo! So I had a hard time to scrounge up shit for today’s update and almost did a political rant but thought that was soooo 2004 election.

Is he signaling for a plane to land?

The buzz for Kanye Tidah's 2nd album just shot the hell up, thanks to the leak of the first single "Diamonds", which can be found here. Now that track is pretty damn sick, but Ill have to agree with a few of my homies that have mentioned he over does the hook with the "ever, ever, ever" line. If the album is on this notch of work I think it will be a quality listen. The 2nd album is entitled "Late Registration" (oh what a clever guy!) drops in the early summer.

If you thought Michael Vick Ron Mexico was the only one with legal problems, fear not. Chris Tucker was locked up a few days ago for speeding, now I know this shit happens for celebs as often as 50 gets shot at but there is a reason Im sharing this. THE ORANGE SWEATER HE IS ROCKING IS FLYYYY...I think Ima go cop a tangerine colored polo. *no homo*

Do your parents disaprove of urban music? Change them with the Explicit ONLY copy of NWA's-Straight Outta Compton classic cd. Fuck The Police with 12.1% Explicit Content Ratio should win a grammy/source/soul train/vibe/mtv/vh1/nickelodeon/tv land/NAACP/ect award.

Ive never seen a family be so happy about witnessing a stick up in a hotel.

While talking about West Coast rappers, Ice Cube is gonna make an album, now Ice Cube is a all time great but didn’t he see the Willenium p.o.s. Will Smith put out when he was focused on movies like Ice Cube is.. I don’t want to see fake gangster club kiddie themed songs, so please hold off Mr. Cube. But then I wont be mad if he comes out with a boat load of Dre’s heat.

I came across these 2...they are just plain crazy/pyscho/ hurts?

murder mook pic=not found, cassidy with random white people found!
Not everyone thanks Cassidy is such such such a hustler... esp. freestyler/rapper Murder Mook. He and his posse go hilariously crazy hard at Cassidy in this street made video. Dont hesitate it is instantly *Metal Lungies approved*.

The greatest depressed clown ever.

hmm this is like netflix...except for sex toys.

2183308004 Who?

Tuesday, April 19, 2005 

Back for the First Time

First things first, we got a new pope. But yet again we suffer another let down. The College of Cardinals has failed to elect the pope we really wanted, my man Frankie Arinze.

Better luck next time.....or not. When, Arinze!!! WHEN...............................

So apparently Snoop, Daz and Kurupt have filled the rift between them. Tha Dogg Pound is back. I only hope if they bring out an album it won't be a repeat of the The Hard Way. No Dogg Pound love songs!! I feel the love in the west coast [no homo].

So the cops in Baltimore are apparently happy with this whole "Stop Snitching" video shit. They said it gave them faces they didn't have before. This is a clear representation of the aptitude of Baltimore Police, when their hot lead is a dvd made and distributed by the drug dealers themselves. B-more po-po also released a reply to the DVD which is aptly titled "Keep Talking". Looks like Detective Moses wants beef. I forsee a handicam dvd war which will run until all parties invloved realize that making videos is stupid and bullets are the true solution.

Its Murder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which the Gottis are now looking to be charged with. Yes, feds say they are looking to charge the brothers with the murder of Anthony Sylvester, a drug dealer whom cops believe was killed by the Gotti brothers because they were getting money for another drug dealer. The instrument of Sylvester's demise was a two by four with nails in it. Damn that is grimey.

If you ever get shot, never repeat the number of times on a commercial aired in Britain. They will pull it. They did it to fifty. They will do it to you.......

Look for the next addition to the Bad Boy empire, Bad Boy Mobile. P. Diddy is looking to become the first mobile phone service provider to take the task of catering to the needs of the urban market. So basically, you will still have a deliquent phone bill but at least you don't owe shit to whitey. Then again, is giving your money to the man in the above photo really such a better alternative. I submit that it is not.

Anybody remember that movie "Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior"? Neither do I, except for the fact it had Mel Gibson in it. Well anywho, a bunch of people who were recreating a scene from the movie in anticipation for a film marathon were arrested on charges of blocking a highway and carrying illegal knives. They had fake machine guns. When I get hit with a charge for recreating a scene from "Boyz in the Hood" then I will feel their pain. The festival was cancelled after the arrests. Free the Real Road Warriors!!!!!!!!!!!

Dipset marketing is going sour it seems........ (Props to Lethal for the Pic)

To wrap shit up yes we are a dot com and we are moving at full steam with t-shirts coming soon. And to reiterate what Lethal said, you should get your ass out to a theater and go see State Property 2. That film is a classic, and we will use inside jokes from it just to piss-off the people who didn't see it. Seriously though, go see it. See Death of a Dynasty too. Its the Roc....or Dame Dash...or whatever Go see the movie!

Track of the day: Young Gunz ft. 112- Don't Keep Me Waiting

Saturday, April 16, 2005 

WE HERE NOW!! is officially up and running! As promised now there is no reason to not spread the word.

With a Friday not popping off, Hangover and I decided to head out to view Dame Dash's Dash Films latest venture the 2nd State Property (trailer) movie. The setup.. 2days into release the movie was being shown on definitely the smallest of the Regal Cinemas 13 screens. The audience was mostly minorities and in total there was about 15 people there. If you haven’t seen the original don’t worry, the first thing that happens is a recap of the first state property movie. The movie on the outside looks like a flossed up version of a low budget movie, with the cheesy special effects. But forget all that the movie teaches important vocabulary ie "figdafeelme" "surprise parties", important calculations on how much you lose when 3 keys get stolen and have to pay lawyers ($900,000).The movie it self is about rival groups fighting for the Philadelphia’s drug market. You get to see Noreaga play one of the hilarious characters dubbed El Pollo Loco, and Loon (FYI: thankfully only ex-bad boy in the movie)plays his father of when Loco was young. Genius. One of the workers for Dame's drug team are the *drum roll* DIPSET!! Seeing Juelz and Jimmy Jones being led by Cam decked out in a pink mink coat and a pink range rover as they go stick up a spot is worth the price of admission alone. But that’s not all you get to see a lot of your urban industry folks such as Freeway, Oschino, Omillo Sparks, Mariah Carey, Roselyn Sanchez, MOP, Kanye Tidah (Who comes through with a nice little cameo w/ a stabbing on a porch in Chicago), Some rocafella UK rap group affiliate, Young Gunz, some boxers, Nicole Wray, and so on. I won’t bore you with anymore details...Get Down or Lay Down bitches! Oh yeah Metal Lungies *APPROVED*

Continuing my little piece how crackalakin the District of Columbia is:

Apparently on Walking Town DC, a Bike tour through the Anacostia River, is sadly at capacity. Its a damn crying shame I missed out, I’ve always wanted to ride through and enjoy this:

That’s not all, apparently in the DC Metro area, Ipod thefts just like in NYC, are up, which is horrible yada yada but the Washington Post article had a quote that caught my eye...
Across the Washington area, thefts of digital music players are rising, police say, putting Scalenghe and others through the emotional trauma of losing something that has become an increasingly important and personal part of their lives. Victims said they felt the thieves got an illicit glimpse at their musical tastes and even their "souls."

WTF...If someone gets a peek at my "soul"...lets just say the thief himself will call the cops.

If your watching 24, you probably wondering, What’s Jack's current # of kills so far?
No worries, there is a weekly kill count complete with pictures right here, my favorite so far is #37, is when some jokester yells "Hey!" at Jack and gets shots immediately after. If your not watching do your self a favor and at least cop season1 DVD for cheap and have about 17 hours of your life be sucked away by something beautiful.

I know you wont believe this, but DMX is in trouble with the law. From impersonating an FBI agent while having some crack on hand and then having the NYPD called on him who abruptly arrested him, well now he just straight up slammed into a cruiser with his suspended silence from the previous charge. No one wyles out like DMX, and for that we <3 him. *NO HOMO*

In some early 90's, smashing rap cds type move, Harvard canceled a Snoop Dogg concert ,due to his "obscene" lyrics. They are trying to play the finance card, but I’m sorry your fucking Harvard...that’s like saying P. Diddy cant afford to new Jacob watch. I’m sure Snoop is divested because he wont be able to vibe with rich ass/smart ass white kids, his obvious target audience through out his whole career. I hope he makes a diss to Harvard.

I bet they didn’t know his dirty secret.

If your a huge *NO HOMO* Mike Vick fan, then you better be supporting dude's case and coping the new Ron Mexico joints. You cant get a customized Mexico joint from the nfl tho, they wont allow it anymore. The true victim in this thing other than the fans who cant get authentic Mexico jerseys is the real Ron Mexico who has stood up to let the media know his phone has been off the hook since the accusations came out.

OMFG video footage of 2pac!!. I wonder if this was filmed in Cuba. (note: this whole statement is sarcasm).

For my personal procrastinating-ass its crunch time to pick my college for next year, but a very promising option has popped up.

The Dame Dash Music group lineup is sort of thin IMO, but the upcoming ODB album in June looks really promising. Personally, I cant wait to hear the Noreaga cut he did.

When Dame Dash isn’t going to be pushing his next upcoming movie (Which if you peep you get to see Mark Ronson act REALLY WHITE), upcoming albums including the aforementioned, He is gonna run for United States president . I would vote for him, but sadly Lyndon Larouche already has that locked up. But I certainly wouldn’t mind having Rocawear+Pro Keds be the official supplier of US military clothing.

All Hackers aren’t evil as the media wants you to think, some of them actually want to brighten up your day with a nice message on construction road signs. The last quote is gold and exemplifies my views.

A really good interview with Common is up at mvremix, with alot of good insight, such as that the leaked version of BE is most likely not what the retail will look like and a the corners remix with mos def & scarfcace is on the way!! cant wait!

Allhiphop did a interview with Young Gunz, dudes are still real hungry still and it will be interesting how they do with a real huge push from Hov. Dudes are also expanding the horizons Besides the music, what’s going on in life right now? Where are your interests?

Neef: The real estate business.

Young Chris: Houses. Everybody needs a place to stay.

Another good interview is up at SOHH with Capone from Capone-N-Noreaga, the shit goes pretty in-depth about what he is up to next and the whole Lil Kim trial we've mentioned before and to how she was trying to came out like a retarted-gangsta when she said that she never seen her own people in questioning and including on how and where was subpoenaed...
i99as is calling like, 'You got subpoenaed.' They going to ni99as crib. They came to my birthday [party] and hit me with a subpoena trying to thug.

I hope this is the only place in the World that gets hit by terrorists.


Tuesday, April 12, 2005 

We still hurr

I was gonna come through with a massive update about 3 days ago or so but my computer overheated to some oven like temperatures ish but never fret, ML is still here.. Late passes on some of the shit please.

First things first.. Sheek Louch dropped his two cents into the whole Fiddy beef, lets just say it some big 2 cents.. Sheek doesn’t waste a moment and goes hard at all of G-Unit.. He pretty much finished Banks( Not a battle cat) & Yayo (His name if fucking Yayo, maybe he can sprinkle crack onto this beef), interesting what 50 & Buck come back with.

Since our last update Benzinoho was able to Resign, the source was slapped with a sexual harassment lawsuit by the ex-editor Kim O. The same bitch that was riding out with the Benzino during the height of the whole Eminem racist tapes issue. Despite what Benzino claims the source is obviously in turmoil. In that same interview I have no fucking idea what he is trying to say, anyone want to translate it for me? At parts it seems Benzino is deaf and dosent answer the questions he is asked and rambles on how the internet isn’t teh evil. All I can say is Ill be happy if I wont have to mention him ever again.

Apparently the Timbaland that you saw in Fade to Black is no more, dude is pulling a Missy and dropping the lbs. And dude is even thinking about entering a body building competition. props. *no homo*

Oh My...You know you cant be a bigger mainstream accessory when the president is rocking you. What’s up with having only 250 songs (of country, where’s the Dixie Chicks?)?? You can fit that many on a mp3 cd.. So not cool Mr. Dubya. Next Up for him I hope are some hardwood classics throwbacks..the orange bullets joint would look fly on air force one (PUN GALORE!!).

Now for the Dikembe Mutombo portion of the update, duke has been keep in it pretty busy eating with Yao & Ewing. In fact he is able to tie Ewing for gulliness. Sorry but no comment on WHO WANTS TO SEX MUTOMBO?In Case you were wondering (lies!!, you dun clicked already) the site is safe for the whole family to enjoy.

IM ON A RAMPAGE. The lyrical rampage portion is Metal Lungies *approved*!!

If this stays under $10, this might be the first piece in the Metal Lungies museum.

reminding you that DC is forever gangster:
Name that tune: Channel 9 is profusely apologizing for broadcasting an explicit lyric from a Snoop Dogg song during its Saturday morning newscast. Anchor Lesli Foster, who had just previewed an upcoming "Petline 9" segment about an orphaned rabbit looking for a home, gasped off-screen after the X-rated snippet aired at 7:50 -- just before an orange juice commercial.
Several viewers complained to the station about the lyric, which instructs listeners to "just throw your hands in the [bleeping] air." It comes from the rapper's 1993 song, "Who Am I (What's My Name)?"

WUSA anchor Derek McGinty told viewers Monday night: "There is no question the music used was very inappropriate and it does not reflect the station's standards or values. A terrible mistake in editing the music led to it getting on the air, and actions are being taken to make sure that never happens again."

We hear that a weekend news producer is in hot water for the slip-up, but station president Darryll Green told The Post's John Maynard yesterday: "We really don't discuss personnel issues."

No wonder I couldn’t holla at my people on Thursday night... THX COMCAST!!

T.O. throwing subliminals at Donovan?? This can't be MY humble T.O.!!

In some drug clinic William Hung is smiling... This shit is too beautiful to not share.

Before I go, hopefully you have seen the hacked pics of Vida off her cell phone, if not you are one unfortunate person.



Starvin' like Schiavo

This is what I live for.....Beef Goodness. 50 and Tony dropped a D-Block and other enemy diss track (in response to Jada and others) with, frankly, a better feel to it than Piggy Bank, but a little repetitive and weak at points. Sheek came back with a track which was straight to the point, but not quite as murderous as Jada's first diss. And even though 50 says he runs New York, Joe Budden says he runs New Jersey? Seriously though, good freestyle, cop.
Nas had a little something to say about the 50 cent situation as well.

So, Mariah had $30,000 dollars worth of vodka stolen from a delivery to her birthday party, and it was Armi too!!!!!!!! I'm sure Dame Dash is crushed that no one there could get hammered off his booze. But don't worry they had emergency booze on hand for the V.I.P. guests, so no one had to hear Mariah sober. This shit would never happen with dipset, Jim Jones personally gives his protection to every bottle of sizzurp. Dipset! Dipset!

More on the Block..... Jadakiss is reported to have returned the bling to the Jeweler he borrowed it from.... 7 months ago. This makes Jadakiss even more gutter, and thats a good thing.

The Source is also keeping it gutter. The awards show may not aire on BET this year because the Source failed to pay the bill for their venue last year. One of the two big hip-hop award shows on T.V. and one of them doesn't pay it's rent.....for shame.

Jigga man on the "Time 100"? I like, I like.

So besides cranking out classic tracks. Foxy is plenty busy keeping it hood. She is facing charges for striking two women who did not give her a manicure because it was too late at the salon. Supposedly she got a pedicure, asked for the manicure and was told it was too late. She got pissed and tried to leave without paying for the package manicure/pedicure job. Two salon workers blocked her exit and she had a little scuffle with them. My prediction, she will do six years for attempted murder after the story blows horribly out of hand.

Track of the Day: Juelz Santana ft. Fabolous- So Whats it Gonna Be

Sunday, April 03, 2005 

His Onion............

Let me start by saying this: GO AND SEE SIN CITY!!!! That shit was a visual thrill as well as a violence fueled riot to watch. I dub it a classic *Metal Lungies Approved*. Michael Rourke has also gained a special place (no homo) in the figurative ML Hall of Greatness. If nothing else see that shit for Jessica'll thank me later.

So apart from my avid hate for reality television I do keep an eye out for Hip-Hop celebrities. Recently we were all blessed with the wonderful opportunities of "Flavploitation" and once again we have been given yet another source of Hip-Hop hilarity. Pepa from Salt 'n' Pepa has been chosen as one of the cast members on the Surreal Life. She will join the Lethal-Approved show alongside Janice Dickinson, Jose Canseco, Omarosa, and Bronson Pinchot. My predictions for this season: Omarosa and Pepa will kill each other, and Jose Canseco will snitch to the cops, while Janice Dickinson dies of overeating, and Bronson Pinchot will walk away without any investigation because he insisted he was a "Perfect Stranger." Maybe this season will be the worst and help to "push it" off television. Damn I'm witty........

The Infamous Mobb Deep were dropped from Jive Records supposedly because they were not up to the standards of their other artists such as Usher, Outkast, Justin Timberlake, and Britney Spears. I loved "Got it Twisted" but record companies don't know how to market..... all except for Rebel Squad.

So, Sha Money XL got g-g-g-g-ganked in a Queens Barbershop. Supposedly it was a set-up. My question is, WHY THE HELL IS HE STILL GOING TO QUEENS BARBERSHOPS????? Dude has money can't he get a cut elsewhere?

Is he throwing it up?

Word to my man Mugabe I hope he rules till he is 105. We need that kind of security over here. None of this 2-term crap.

R.I.P. John Paul II. The first Pope to be down with breakdancing and Jesus.

Video of the Week: Ghostface ft. Trife Da God - Biscuits (Recorded from the Projekt Revolution Tour)

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