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Thursday, April 21, 2005 

slow days

ayooooo! So I had a hard time to scrounge up shit for today’s update and almost did a political rant but thought that was soooo 2004 election.

Is he signaling for a plane to land?

The buzz for Kanye Tidah's 2nd album just shot the hell up, thanks to the leak of the first single "Diamonds", which can be found here. Now that track is pretty damn sick, but Ill have to agree with a few of my homies that have mentioned he over does the hook with the "ever, ever, ever" line. If the album is on this notch of work I think it will be a quality listen. The 2nd album is entitled "Late Registration" (oh what a clever guy!) drops in the early summer.

If you thought Michael Vick Ron Mexico was the only one with legal problems, fear not. Chris Tucker was locked up a few days ago for speeding, now I know this shit happens for celebs as often as 50 gets shot at but there is a reason Im sharing this. THE ORANGE SWEATER HE IS ROCKING IS FLYYYY...I think Ima go cop a tangerine colored polo. *no homo*

Do your parents disaprove of urban music? Change them with the Explicit ONLY copy of NWA's-Straight Outta Compton classic cd. Fuck The Police with 12.1% Explicit Content Ratio should win a grammy/source/soul train/vibe/mtv/vh1/nickelodeon/tv land/NAACP/ect award.

Ive never seen a family be so happy about witnessing a stick up in a hotel.

While talking about West Coast rappers, Ice Cube is gonna make an album, now Ice Cube is a all time great but didn’t he see the Willenium p.o.s. Will Smith put out when he was focused on movies like Ice Cube is.. I don’t want to see fake gangster club kiddie themed songs, so please hold off Mr. Cube. But then I wont be mad if he comes out with a boat load of Dre’s heat.

I came across these 2...they are just plain crazy/pyscho/disturbed....love hurts?

murder mook pic=not found, cassidy with random white people found!
Not everyone thanks Cassidy is such such such a hustler... esp. freestyler/rapper Murder Mook. He and his posse go hilariously crazy hard at Cassidy in this street made video. Dont hesitate it is instantly *Metal Lungies approved*.

The greatest depressed clown ever.

hmm this is like netflix...except for sex toys.

2183308004 Who?

yo, that couple is fucked up

shit is gross

shit is gross


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