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Thursday, March 24, 2005 

Spring Break Thuggin

We aint so clean cut no mo'

Sup sup ladies and gents so I was talkin to my homie Mark, and I played a random track and it was 50 Cent-Elementary and lets just say I don’t even know what to say here is the hook...
[50 Cent]
The cat in the house go
Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow
The bird in the cage go
Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet
It's elementary

In all seriousness download the track and listen for yourself.

In other news Pat O'Brien is a P.I.M.P/Perv/Hater/Alcoholic all jam packed into one from hollering at his wife and gf about what nice things he'd like to do to em', to making nice comments like
A source tells us he used to refer to a gay African-American senior producerat "Access Hollywood" as "the Fruit Monkey."

To his face.

oh but that’s not it, Pat also would be trying to holla at those access Hollywood honeys like Nancy O'Dell (shiiit i would to) and Shaun Robinson, droppin N-bombs, telling gay men he had a gift for them and told them to bend over but sadly Pat is on a self-implicated injured list, he is in "rehab" for alcohol.

Speaking of alcohol, I have found a *NEW* role model. The Wilt Chamberlain of alcohol offences. and NO you cant have him (he locked up silly).

If your waiting for the new Joey Crack like us here at ML, wait till May 24th, the terror squad apparently is going to have to bust his (big) ass to clear samples for 2-tracks, where is the love? Joey isn’t done with 50 either tho, he makes a cute comparisons to an abused girl.

If anyone still watched SNL they would’ve seen David Spade with a penis for his nose (as he played Owen Wilson in a sketch.)

Free Whitney Houston, t-shirts are being made...rehab is like prison I tell ya!

An Update on our last update about N.E.R.D., fear not they are still gonna make music as a band...but their label still sucks.

Finally as I leave you, I wish you a happy early Easter and I pray this wont be a family activity you will have.



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