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Wednesday, March 09, 2005 


first and foremost rip to b-i-g, to be honest he wasn’t my personal favorite but surely one of the greatest..

and while fiddy and game were busy getting their thug luv on, jadakiss dropped a pretty decent response (could be better) but still eons better then piggy bank. Hopefully a new version with better quality and no Wendy Williams is out soon. Back to the thug luv, Im wondering what made Game & 50 kiss and make up so quickly, I mean they looked hella uneasy at that little press conference in Harlem, Either Dre/Em/Iovine told them you crazy motherfuckers stfu and hold hands again (what I’m leaning towards) or this was a stunt for some sales.

Good news for are you lazy mobsters, now simply hit up the hit men on the web, YAY for murder...

They should’ve contacted me instead of this guy, my family would make me do it for $200!!

This guy sort of makes all my achievements seem very very minor...

A little history lesson for the youngn/living under rocks type folk, a hot97 rap sheet of drama

Someone please tell Mrs.Federline that there is no TRL this week to break this story. My money is on her having a nude picture of her hand with no glove or some random shit like that.

And some other bitch drama bullshit..Fox Boogie is getting busted for unpaid $20 pedicure charges and 2 years ago Lil Kim was dissing her in the place that got its ear to the street the most, the gggggrand jury. Why aren’t these bitches shooting at each other oh wait...that’s what the whole trial is about....I see...

oh word, a brother from XXL now writes for page2 @ espn.com

the most random/hilarious MF Doom interview ever! with gold like

Were you a fast runner?
I guess I was. Not nowadays, I got a little weight on me. You know, out of shape a little something, but yeah, back in the day I used to do my thing.

What if a pickup game of freeze tag started now?
Damn, I wouldn't want to be it. I wouldn't catch nobody.

Also in case you care/knew Mase is probably getting some of that gooonie goooo gooo purple stuff with some sizzurp now since he is now playin basketball with dip set and rocking homemade Juelz t-shirts for his mixtape. I wonder how his church is holding up? And did he pray for his brother Jimmy Jones like he said he would?

Thank you BK for biting an already corny show with Pimp My Cheeseburger.. really thank you for all the wonderful stuff (and healthy) you bring to people.

Marines are good actors?? Can you say ex-marine attention whore ?

and before I go, as promised... The Mannie Fresh VIDEO REVIEW!!

Ok, Ill be honest.. there isn’t much to review considering I caught the last portion of it on BET Tha Basement (now known as ghetto-trl wannabe, fuck you non-freestyling DJ Linx) , but I don’t need to see much more to come to the conclusion Mannie Fresh is abusing x, but wait boys and girls don’t cry because he is still fucking rich.

Some NBA ish tomorrow? stay TUNED! There is some other shit I wanted to mention like the new Joey Crack video (we <3 him here at ML) which is pretty damn good, Mike Tice slinging Duckets for the super bowl but cot damn Im tired...

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