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Sunday, February 27, 2005 

NEVER Again!

This is where our Oscar coverage ends, deepest apologies go out to all goes to all of our 3 readers, but the amount of fake ass shit, I cannot take. To realize how bad this shit is, Chris Rock is probably my favorite comics behind Chappelle but unless he is allowed to bring a 9milly to pop off I will not be viewing... Star Jones, the Rivers Bitches, and Kathy Griffin are as much fun as STDs, but dont cry yet, I have come through with the bits I could get so heree weeee goooooo

I would most certainley tap that..(Star Jones)

This makes me sick, white bitches trying to rob Star of her ice.

Ill give this picture a pass just cause Mr. Jones is one of my fav. songs.

I'd tap this too (The dude thats blurry)

TV Guide channel can only afford to employ the mentally distrubed?

She's killing me the reigon in the red turns me on soooo much.


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