Monday, February 28, 2005 

And now, for some thing completely different

I'm gonna take off from the usual hip-hop grind for a moment to spread the word about a special something which has recently occupied a corner of my heart. That something is the SWAT 4 single player demo. When I first tried a multiplayer demo of the new first person shooter I was blown away by the amazing graphics (based on the doom 3 engine) and gripping gameplay which would leave me entertained for hours on end, yes, It was good.......But something was missing. While performing one of my regular sweeps of fileplanet it came to my attention that a new demo for the game had been released, a single player version at that. I played through the unedited level the demo offered and was satisfied by the great bot control and accuracy when it came to rules of engagement (i.e. if he busts a cap you do too). All this was fine and well but when I came to the custom level editor I fell in love. Now don't get me wrong, neutralizing 14 car jackers with a group of 6 guys is great but when you take on 30, on your own, well my friends that is the height of gaming ectasy. So, if your like me and tired of spending your weekends running from the police (word to White Flint Park, protect your neck) then head over to and download the new SWAT 4 single player demo. And remember, it doesn't matter if your electronic suspects are guilty or not. Your the Po-Lice and King Kong ain't got nothin' on you.

Just look at these Before and Afters!!!!

Before SWAT 4:

After SWAT 4:


I'm Edumucated

Sunday, February 27, 2005 

Aviator Who? French? The Fuck?! Anyway, back to the hip hop shit.

Esco' speaking back......intriguing.

Styles P....Black?

Its all worth it for that one line, "The fact of the matter is if I need to eat, you get beat."

A lot of talk going around, but talk makes beef, and beef is goooooood.

Track of the Day: Common feat. The Last Poet and Kanye West- Corners

Oh Yeah, don't forget that new C-Murder Video we talked about earlier!!!! Watch for those straight jailcell clips.


NEVER Again!

This is where our Oscar coverage ends, deepest apologies go out to all goes to all of our 3 readers, but the amount of fake ass shit, I cannot take. To realize how bad this shit is, Chris Rock is probably my favorite comics behind Chappelle but unless he is allowed to bring a 9milly to pop off I will not be viewing... Star Jones, the Rivers Bitches, and Kathy Griffin are as much fun as STDs, but dont cry yet, I have come through with the bits I could get so heree weeee goooooo

I would most certainley tap that..(Star Jones)

This makes me sick, white bitches trying to rob Star of her ice.

Ill give this picture a pass just cause Mr. Jones is one of my fav. songs.

I'd tap this too (The dude thats blurry)

TV Guide channel can only afford to employ the mentally distrubed?

She's killing me the reigon in the red turns me on soooo much.




We'll the psycho people here at metal lungies will be providing some LIVE(!!!) oscar coverage of shit like the red carpet and more! We havent even started AND has already sold out..

I come to ESPN for SPORTS not some fucking (Kevin Frazier) entertainment tonight tip-shit.

Saturday, February 26, 2005 


Will Smith Over the "How We Do" beat on the Tim Westwood Show. (Its Pretty Nice)

The Hate it or Love it Video!!!! Its an exclusive!!! (Right Click "Save Target As")

More Coming, including the "The Massacre of 50 Cent" (Fat Joe Diss Track)


Have you seen this DVD?

I remember hearing abou this dvd around the time the clones album dropped but I cant seem to find any info on it...

and Britney/Mona Lisa is keep it straight gutta, (hanging around junkyards?)

Uhhhh Kanye in playgirl?
p.s. *NO HOMO*

Friday, February 25, 2005 

All your Ugandan Fire... under one banner. Shit is crucial. (No joke I will really try to get this)

With everyone wondering about the next move of the royal family, could it be the 1,2 step?

You dream about a single like this... finally the GLC is a video ho-fessional.

I want to see the tv commercial for this school. "Education, Respect, and Cases of Armi."

Not for a repeat of the same source but Suge needs to shut the f*ck-up and keep his ass out of prison.

I nothing to say......just read.......

Track of the Day: 50 Cent- Piggy Bank (When the Joey Crack diss hits, I will post....either that or the Game Remix)


NBA Trade Recap

last night was the most active trade day since the mid 1980's so I know I had to come through with my analysis you are sure to cherish... AND I WILL COVER THE TRADES ESPN DOSENT CARE/WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT

Kings send Chris Webber, Matt Barnes and Michael Bradley to the 76ers for Brian Skinner, Kenny Thomas and Corliss Williamson.
What a fucking bargain by the 76ers, if AI can make the finals with the likes of Aaron Mckie, George Lynch and Matt Giger him and Cwebb will be a scary thought, and the kings are said to be doing this to keep Peja and build around him.. HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU GONNA BUILD AROUND A SF IN THE WEST?!?! The guys they got are all scrubs, even my arkansas mans Corliss who started his career with the Kings.

Hornets send Baron Davis to the Warriors for Speedy Claxton and Dale Davis.
Bargain for Warriors even though there a risk they could have a high flying offensive attack when Baron plays with Jrich and Troy Murphy, I like Speedy Claxton he is underated like whoa and Dale Davis shouldve retired 5 years ago.

Mavericks send Alan Henderson, Calvin Booth and cash to the Bucks for Keith Van Horn

2 scrubs for a guy declining to be a Scrub, Van Horn might be on his way to being traded every single year of his career, congrats Keith!

Warriors send Eduardo Najera to the Nuggets for Nikoloz Tskitishvili.

Well..atleast they are allowed to trade Europeans and Mexicans.

Spurs send Malik Rose and two future No. 1 draft picks to the Knickerbockers for Nazr Mohammed and Jamison Brewer.
Isiah Thomas is on crack, Nazr was hella improved this year and Malik Rose is an overpaid bench guy. Who the fuck is Brewer?

Bobcats send Steve Smith to the Heat for Malik Allen.

The trade heard round the world.. I didnt know Steve Smith could still walk?

Celtics send Jiri Welsch to the Cavaliers for a furure 1st rounder
YES!! Another European dude traded!! (He is the European Van Horn joining like team #7)

Rockets send Maurice Taylor to the Knickerbockers for Moochie Norris, Vin Baker and a second-round draft pick.
MOOOCHIE GOING BACK TO HOUSTON?!?!!? YES!!!! Another retarded move by Isiah.. Wtf do you need Maurice Taylor for? A muscular dude to make the bench look good (in pictures)?

Hawks send Antoine Walker to the Celtics for Gary Payton, Tom Gugliotta and Michael Stewart and a first-round draft pick.
This came as the biggest shocker, I thought Toine was ran out of Boston? I guess he is running back then..they didnt give up much.. A over the hill headcase, an over the hill white PF version of Dale Davis, and a scrub.

76ers send Glenn Robinson to the Hornets for Jamal Mashburn and Rodney Rogers.
Well Rodney Rogers (not Rodgers you fookin jersey makers) is one the biggest 1st round disapointments.. I always thought he was gonna be a star when he was starting out with the Nuggets & Clips.. now hes getting traded with dudes who wont play ever agian in exchange for Big Dogs who've flat out rolled over.

Bucks send Mike James and Zendon Hamilton to the Rockets for Reece Gaines and two second-round picks.
well.. Mike James won a ring he can show to Yao & Tracy!

Thursday, February 24, 2005 

the night shift...

I'll Try Not to Cry (I couldve made a fortune if I jumped on one early)
Blasting OFF (your ride) RIGHT NOW (UK Only refrence)
I'd care maybe if this was 1998
I hope this dosent effect his Promotion schedule!
If you pay that much for a hat designed by joey crack or game, please shoot yourself
I hope the sherriff dosent get mad when I do this
Good Ol' Humble Kanye Tidah


The Beginning of the End.

Cause Don't We All need a Little Miriam Makeba.


Is Don Cartegena a biter. (My opinion: FUCK NO!!!!)

The Massacre Bootlegged!!!! Say it Ain't So!!! 50 Ripping of Ghost *cough*on Track 21*cough* Surely you Jest!!!

Harlem World Stretches far and its Emissaries are great and many.

Track Of The Day: Hate it Or Love it (G-Unit Remix)


oooooo shit

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