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Monday, March 07, 2005 

get in get out

50 Beefin? No way! He too busy makin them gggggggg-unit speical editions Game Boys. Seriously if anyone over 14ish cops that, please shoot yourself thanks because we all know g-unit be playin them mario kart jumpoffs on the street corner.

and in our sports news.. I wouldnt even hate on this now ex-cardinals football player if he was atleast stealing a shiny powerbook? Dell? tha fuck outta here.

Oh yea, here is some top secret gossip here, one of contributors, Buffalo's favorite girl & a nice restaurant he would like

some random ebay shit before i dip..
a bible's collectors wet dream

and i hope the Smithsonian bought this

RZA Interview NPR can hold it down, most def!

Afghanistan STAND UP!, hopefully hosting a mixtape soon!!

tomorrow: mannie fresh new video in-depth analysis


Rostam u home dogg u! dood, you should make a hard core tribute to me and my compton friends...we be bangin hard core raps like this n that straight from the hood, us thugs be slangin, crangin and living it up cali style...much love liz cho cho cho


it's mark


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