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Sunday, March 06, 2005 

Game: [Insert Name] Can Suck My....

well game went off during his recent show in Long Beach, it was so bad they had to bring in riot 5-0 outside, here are the 2 clips...

Video 1
Video 2

Here is a quote from a concert-goer from dubccn.com

"Gane starts off by telling the DJ....(Who happens to be DJ QUIK) "cut the muthafuckin music i wanna clear some shit up! Im in my home town!! Long Beach is right down the street from COMPTON"....so he takes off this bulletproof vest and the boy is HEATED!!! MADDD AS HELL! In Games wordz......FUCK 50 CENT ABOUT 100 TIMES....FUCK G-UNIT......THEN HE STARTS NAMING ALL OF THE G-UNIT LLOYD BANKS, TONY YAYO, ETC...calling them all bitches etc etc... saying if they wanna kill me they know where im at on the corner of wilmington and in cpt!

Then he told the story about the incident in NYC how once he heard what was being said from the G-UNIT camp he took his whole Cedar Block Set up to the radio station where G-unit was at. GAME said the G-UNIT camp went out the back way and told the security guards that there was some bloods outside causing trouble! GAME said that the security guard just came out blasting and got one of his homies.

So in all the songs he sang hes ripping the G-UNIT camp a new one!!! Killing them off....freestyling, FUCK 50 (I KIDD YOU NOT LIKE 100 TIMES) He gets cut off by LBPD rep that was watching over the show....then GAME is like im gonna end the night like this .......i heard and watch what 50 said on 106 & park!! but fuck that...dem Niggaz wanna try to work things out........I QUIT G-UNIT!

The GAME is no joke, homies!! Once we got outta the dam show it was crazy!!! they closed down like all of downtown long beach, there was cops in full riot gear, the ghetto bird, everyone ended the night chanting FUCK 50 F**K G-UNIT! GAME WALKED ALL THE WAY TO HIS DRESSING ROOM YELLING THAT!!"

I can feel the love in the air tonite...

i'm so excited!!
hopefully at least one major death comes out of this before summer!

I advise to you to try to look in google.com

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