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Tuesday, March 01, 2005 


There is no place I'd want to be more than hot97.. This shit is fookin crazy!
lets recap. 50/G-Unit Vs. Game/Jada/Nas/Joe wow, I dont know if 50 can handle all that esp. Jada & Nas because Game & Fat Joe pretty much cancel out G-Unit. I cant WAIT to hear responses. so here is the audio recap for all yall

50 on Hot97 (sorta shitty quality)
50 sums up his situations.

"ITS OK FELLAS, STAY FOCUSED HOT97"-Flex (50 after the shooting of his mans)
Funk Flex steals the show on this and 50s jewelery dangling while saying shooting? my nigga? my nigga? I would pay so much to see security footage of g-unit running out of
hot97 like flo-jo.

Jadakiss W/ Dj Clue on 50
Highlights: "I got some CIA people over there"; Talking about Nigeria; JADA: Im not gonna let the inmates down;

Buck On Game
Not too noteworthy Buck pretty much says Game aint gangsta and just a rapper.

Game In Hartford (from Today)

oh man L O FUCKING L-Stay Tuned folks

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