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Saturday, March 19, 2005 

March Madness is over for me...

Thanks for Syracuse, and Kansas aka half of my final four on the right side of the bracket is done, thats just wonderful. Just when I though picking the loveable 'Bama

boys to go to the sweet 16 would be my worst mistake.. If Arizona & Gonzaga make it to the final four pleace wake me up.

SOHH had a nice round up yesterday.
P-Diddy is gonna have Talib & Common ghostwrite for him on hist "last" album, I like how puffy can make it big news that he dosent write his own rhymes, but just writes the checks ;). And Benzino not paying his employees is priceless I mean look at that Boston gangster, does he (or even Dave Mays) look like he is the type of person to be maintaing the payroll of a (legal) buisness. Last but not least who knew Hittman (the guy at the end of the Forgot About Dre who goes Y'all better buy my shit *while a toilet flushes*, and was on chronic 2001) was Dj Quik's cousin and that Snoop had a brother?? oooo weeee


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