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Wednesday, March 16, 2005 

And The Verdict is....

A cold has been trying to keep me down but it wont, I was supposed to do an update yesterday but a very sweet siesta got in the way of that.

Going with the legal theme for a bit... MR X to the Z was caught in Guam (US owned Land pretty much) with a little sticky icky.. Now how the hell does this shit happen? Was his weed carrier out with a cold? Irresponsible weed possession by rappers makes me sick.

This story about percents of basketball players who graduate isnt even 50% on most of the teams and LSU & Minnesota had none last year?? But you cant blame the players, its hard passing your sports coaching class.

Britney Spears gave some very valuable advice to Michael Jackson......I guess Michael Jackson’s monkey Bobo wasn’t available for advice at that time.

Following up our touching story of ex-Korn guitarist Head who was baptized a few weeks ago, took the logical next step and is now trying to save 50. This guys is defiantly on the wacky tabacky.
"It's not a mean song, but it is like a loving father disciplining his son and telling him how it is — kind of like Tré's dad in the movie 'Boyz N the Hood,' " Welch continued. "There is really no way he can come back at me through music because it's not from me ... it's from the Big Guy. Even 50 respects the Big Guy."

This is might type of keg party duuude!

Now a friendly reminder to all my AIM buddies, all of our cyber-sex conversations are probably being loggged. and masturbated to.

And its March.. I still haven’t done a freaking bracket(s)... I’m having difficulty finishing this one.

and for all the wizroid fans, I have to agree if i was Gilbert Arenas

id be hella pissed with dudes grabbing my junk.

I also read something very nice in the Washington post... the MPAA president buys pirated movies in mexico!!

I have one small request for my friends that go to school with me, do you know if this

mp3 player is allowed? The product page is straight jokes.

Death of Dynasty, a Dame Dash mocumentary of the rise & fall of the ROC! seems interesting to say the least...

are going tour ( I just wanted to fit in the poster pic somehow!)

and highly recommended that everyone check out the new Beck album shit is too dope!
I gotta go put away the free Robert Blake t-shirt to be replaced by Free Scott Peterson) t-shirt, fair well people!. Late.

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