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Tuesday, March 29, 2005 

A Busy tuesday..

Note: This is from a movie and not from his actual court case.

Beanie Sigel, Beck, Will Smith are all in stores today.. the first 2 are Djlethal01 approved, but the last one is Skillz approved.
The Beanie Sigel is a very solid album except for the rehashes of old tracks such as "its on" and the killa cam cam callabo "wanted (on the run)" (sorry Mark), My favorite tracks are "feel it in the air" on which Beanie says some of the truest shit he has ever spit and "one shot deal" which has a very dope Redman verse. The new video for "don’t stop" is out"
A track which seems to have a mediocre neptunes beat that is listenable but could’ve been better. Note: ODB looks cracked up like whoa (RIP).
The Beck CD is just a damn good listen from start to end, it flows perfectly.

In some sad news Johnny Cochran died, for those that don’t know he led the real dream team to the Olympics...er victory in the Orenthal trial, while he robbed us of Free OJ t-shirts he was one crafty lawyer. RIP.

Today I came across a very nice video that reminded me a very important thing, never upset Mike Tyson..and cot damn what a monster he was inside the ring. This reminded me of this finding too...
The terrifying power Tyson, 35, generates with his fists has been studied by one of our top sports scientists.

Dr Matthew Pain, a lecturer in sports biomechanics at Loughborough University, has investigated the force behind Tyson's punches, as well as the kind of damage that taking repeated blows can inflict.

His research has demonstrated that, if Lewis is caught clean by Iron Mike, the champion will have to withstand a force the equivalent of being involved in a 50mph car crash.

Tyson can deliver a blow which possesses the same weight as a 16lb sledgehammer being swung at 35mph.

Just one has the potential to knock out and hospitalise the average man.

In fact, the power of Tyson's KO punch has an 85 per cent chance of giving an opponent severe brain damage. It is great enough to bust any bone in the average human skull.

A crazy cut called 5 Deadly Venoms dropped featuring Ghostface, Kool G, Lord Tariq, Raekwon and Kane.

Speaking of Rae, a dope piece is featured on the making of his classic Only Built 4 Cuban Linx album, its a lengthy read but a cot damn good one for any wu/rae fan. Props to Roaches over at okayplayer.

Make Em say ughhhhhhhh... Master P and Silk were arrested near the UCAL campus for having unregistered guns, You gotta love (bilogical) brothers who role together. I don’t know whats more scary, that they were near a university or that they had guns. I hope this doesn’t affect Lil Romeo's nickelodeon gig, I would be devastated.

Remember last summer when Shyne was on top of the world, optimism was in the air, he had his own label, an album out, and he would probably be out. Well have things changed since, Def Jam isn’t promoting him anymore and he might get dropped, but now his assets have been frozen. A damn shame, I really hope Puff reaches out to him somehow when he gets out because if it wasn’t Puffy backstabbing ass Shyne wouldn’t be in this situation, for more info peep the village voice articles from the trials.

I bet even God is jealous.

Now you might remember from a few weeks ago we mentioned Brian "Head" Welch, who has not only left the band Korn, got baptized in Israel, then said some nonsense in a letter to 50 cent through the media, well.. He isnt done. After getting no response from 50 he wrote a second letter which includes some Rebel Squad mixtape worthy bars...
My little boy/ Bow your head in shame/ You've disgraced your father's name now/ It's time for you to lose," the lyrics read in part. "Your little toys/ Won't save you from shot 10/ Without me you will not win, no/ I swear you'll lose

I kid you not. He even goes on to invite to fly 50 out for popcorn. Now wtf happened to his guy that made him go from a crazy ass band to Korn to him believing he is a messenger of God?? I really hope 50 responds in some way.

New Foxy Brown produced by Just Blaze with a foxy lady sample!! Must Hear.

There is a good interview with Sway & King tech of the world famous Wake Up Show. After hearing the sampler from their website, the album which drops on may 24th I am highly anticipating.

Speaking of highly anticipated, monkey yesterday mentioned the XXL rating Common got for his new album, well I cant wait for that shit either when it drops in June/May, as there is no concrete date for it yet, but the track listings are out. Credit: OKP forums.
1. BE
2. The Corner f/ The Last Poets
3. Go
4. Faithful f/ Bilal & John Legend
5. Testify
6. Love Is
7. Chi City
8. The Food
9. Real People
10. They Say f/ Kanye West & John Legend
11. It's Your World/Pop's Reprise f/ Bilal

(produced by Kanye West, except 6 & 11 produced by Jay Dee)

It looks like Nas in all likely hood wont be replying to 50, which is a shame because he had the biggest chance to put shit into place.

If you missed it on Sunday, Jadakiss got punk'd, IMO it was very well done and Jadakiss acted exactly in real life like you would expect him, ill go ahead and label this *classic* material.

Apparently rockin an Ipod can be a danger to your health, as the ipod jackings are on a rise in nyc. Simple solution don’t rock the attention-whoring white headphones or if that’s not a possibility have the waste band lineup (like my mans Zack do) be a celly, ipod and a bitty slug. No comment on my proffered method.

Hillary Swank was fined for brining in an apple & orange into New Zeeland, wtf would they do if u brought some 9 millys?

A friend of mine pointed out that since Fox wont be airing anymore of the madly-underrated show "My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss", they have at least put up episodes 6-10 on their website, even if you haven’t watched the show, the comedy of the show is golden and I recommend you should check it out.

If you truly got dough to spare, then this is the wallet for you.

Before I dip out, good to see Mali running their soccer team Saddam Iraqi Olypmic Committee style.

Rumor: Chad Johnson banging Trina? pull over!

www.metallungies.com coming at you soon!!
Out. 3 days till Sin City.

yo, that wallet's hot. shame i can't afford it. sin city's gonna be sick. might be worth goin to see, maybe even payin to see it. u in?

whoa! how u get the "blogspot" of your title...oh; on the today show Big Willie performed but the only thing he did was to the beat of "in da club" which makes me think even less of him...

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