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Tuesday, April 12, 2005 

We still hurr

I was gonna come through with a massive update about 3 days ago or so but my computer overheated to some oven like temperatures ish but never fret, ML is still here.. Late passes on some of the shit please.

First things first.. Sheek Louch dropped his two cents into the whole Fiddy beef, lets just say it some big 2 cents.. Sheek doesn’t waste a moment and goes hard at all of G-Unit.. He pretty much finished Banks( Not a battle cat) & Yayo (His name if fucking Yayo, maybe he can sprinkle crack onto this beef), interesting what 50 & Buck come back with.

Since our last update Benzinoho was able to Resign, the source was slapped with a sexual harassment lawsuit by the ex-editor Kim O. The same bitch that was riding out with the Benzino during the height of the whole Eminem racist tapes issue. Despite what Benzino claims the source is obviously in turmoil. In that same interview I have no fucking idea what he is trying to say, anyone want to translate it for me? At parts it seems Benzino is deaf and dosent answer the questions he is asked and rambles on how the internet isn’t teh evil. All I can say is Ill be happy if I wont have to mention him ever again.

Apparently the Timbaland that you saw in Fade to Black is no more, dude is pulling a Missy and dropping the lbs. And dude is even thinking about entering a body building competition. props. *no homo*

Oh My...You know you cant be a bigger mainstream accessory when the president is rocking you. What’s up with having only 250 songs (of country, where’s the Dixie Chicks?)?? You can fit that many on a mp3 cd.. So not cool Mr. Dubya. Next Up for him I hope are some hardwood classics throwbacks..the orange bullets joint would look fly on air force one (PUN GALORE!!).

Now for the Dikembe Mutombo portion of the update, duke has been keep in it pretty busy eating with Yao & Ewing. In fact he is able to tie Ewing for gulliness. Sorry but no comment on WHO WANTS TO SEX MUTOMBO?In Case you were wondering (lies!!, you dun clicked already) the site is safe for the whole family to enjoy.

IM ON A RAMPAGE. The lyrical rampage portion is Metal Lungies *approved*!!

If this stays under $10, this might be the first piece in the Metal Lungies museum.

reminding you that DC is forever gangster:
Name that tune: Channel 9 is profusely apologizing for broadcasting an explicit lyric from a Snoop Dogg song during its Saturday morning newscast. Anchor Lesli Foster, who had just previewed an upcoming "Petline 9" segment about an orphaned rabbit looking for a home, gasped off-screen after the X-rated snippet aired at 7:50 -- just before an orange juice commercial.
Several viewers complained to the station about the lyric, which instructs listeners to "just throw your hands in the [bleeping] air." It comes from the rapper's 1993 song, "Who Am I (What's My Name)?"

WUSA anchor Derek McGinty told viewers Monday night: "There is no question the music used was very inappropriate and it does not reflect the station's standards or values. A terrible mistake in editing the music led to it getting on the air, and actions are being taken to make sure that never happens again."

We hear that a weekend news producer is in hot water for the slip-up, but station president Darryll Green told The Post's John Maynard yesterday: "We really don't discuss personnel issues."

No wonder I couldn’t holla at my people on Thursday night... THX COMCAST!!

T.O. throwing subliminals at Donovan?? This can't be MY humble T.O.!!

In some drug clinic William Hung is smiling... This shit is too beautiful to not share.

Before I go, hopefully you have seen the hacked pics of Vida off her cell phone, if not you are one unfortunate person.


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