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Saturday, April 02, 2005 

Keepin it movin in these times...

You better believe Mr. Angelos tried to tap that.

I’ve been trying to do a piece on the state of our nations capital, and I’ve finally got enough material and motivation to do so. But ill still keep it brief, be cause that is how we do. Now DC is supposed to getting a baseball team, now they moved them down all fine and dandy but they didn’t have one minor detail in place, a TV deal. Because we all know tv + sports aren’t big in today’s society. So going down to the wire as the season starts the deal was reached, there will only be around 70 games shown in the DC area on the local UPN & FOX channels (owned by Rupert Murdoch). Why? Well because Mr. Oriole, the owner Peter Angelos straight up cock blocked it. He made it so that he had a bit under 100 Nats games air on his newly formed tv network and so he could make a profit (HE ph33rs the completion of the Nats). But here is the curveball, since this is completion to the cable giants Comcast’s own Comcast sportsnet there is no way in hell they will carry Angelo's network. So if you really want all the Nats games your only choice is DirectTV (Also owned by Rupert Murdoch).. Which surprise surprise will generate a monopoly of the DC market for Murdoch but it will put even more money back into Angelos' pocket. Ill go in say it, FUCK YOU PETER ANGELOS (No comment on Murdoch.. his son did start Rawkus :P). And Baseball isn’t even my favorite sport.

In other DC news, the city's public system is so wonderful that they not only have cat clinics in elementary school cafeterias, Mercurey spills of old ass thermometers caused by hoodlums in schools, but also employed
as top officals. God damn, do they like to keep it poppin over there. I bet lions are gonna start escaping from the national zoo and run into a high school, I wouldnt worry, because it would probably be shot. By a "student".

Speaking of Washington, an ex-Washingtonian, Jarmoir Jagr lost his lucky hockey stick, excuse me while I shed crocodile tears for this tragic situation. Is he accepting donations?

Hiphopgame has a nice collection of amusing hip hop pictures. My personal favorite (t-shirt worthy even!), are Jigga with the gold fronts and him tryin to throw up gang signs with Snoop.

With the death of the Pope (RIP), you might’ve missed that in Arizona they are gonna have a fleet about 400 volunteers monitoring the border to prevent illegals. Is it me or do Immigrants have the white man shook?.

In case you don’t watch some UK premier league footy, then I reckon you haven’t seen that even teammates get gully with one another. *NO HOMO*

I wonder if the republican or democrats support this. Who am I kidding, I bet, Lyndon Larouche is. (Ill try to get Mark to elaborate on this guy sometime)

I am 35% addicted to Porn. What about you?

My pick of ugliest NBA player, goes to...

There is a database of online April fools pranks, my favorite almost got me smoking out the wazoo on Friday.

I was browsing the Okp boards archives and came across the most genius Ghostface thread ever. The man who posted that is a genius.

ESPN.com has a nice 10th anniversary piece on how their website has evolved
. All I can say is cot damn was it ugly back in the day!

Over at the legendary Bol's ByronCrawford blog, CaptainJack has been posting his top 5 gulliest moments, let me just say the shit is a MUST READ.

#1 2Pacs Weed
#2 Tragedy Khadafi in da club
#3 Diddy's gangsta
#4 Pete Rock runs with not the best crowd
#5 RA The Rugged Man's nice offer

http://www.bobsagetisgod.com/, Do you really need for me to say something about this? Cuz' Ive converted.

Oh yeah Gmail straight up 0wns even more
You are currently using 38 MB (2%) of your 2051 MB

thanks to there plans to increasing storage space.


mad vowels, god. kid never knew gold till he got platinum.

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