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Thursday, April 28, 2005 

Breaking News...

So after having another sick update ready, I was being distracted by the Suns/Grizz game so I was gonna finish it the next day... Well while I was off getting my learn on the power flickered and by whole update typed in blogger went bye bye. Oh well.

Bizzy Bone=Mental Breakdown to the 999th Degree? (on the right)

Apparently Bizzy Bone from bone thugs n harmony appeared on Houston's KPFT FM radio station. Lets just say I have never listened to a 11minute radio interview back to back, but this shit is wow. To say he went crazy is an understatement... HE WENT FUCKING POSTAL. I would usually try to give you some highlights/high points of shit but the whole thing is one big highlight. Honestly Im speechless....Please post your thoughts/favorite parts in comments.

One of Queensbridge's finest Tragedy Khadafi has independent movie coming out entitled "Tragedy" documenting the Queensbridge projects. I am really looking forward to it, looks like its well put together.

Some of you might’ve thought the Spurs were done after game 1, well as we saw last night in game 2 that’s not the case. I bet its because they saw TAKE IT TO THE BANK.

New Missy Single, "Loose Control". Cop. Its on that Get UR Freak on tip.

Oh yeah this post is motivated by my mans the Ice Cream man hooking up the bubblegum cigarettes.

Pt. 2 Coming tommarow!

completely weirdo status...but they some nice lyrics though on the real lol

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