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Thursday, June 22, 2006 

Dear New York Knicks, get ready to suck some more.

Isaiah Providing one beautiful stare.

So The Knickerbockers have fired Larry Brown, that should kind of irk you, but the fact Isaiah Thomas will become coach should force any Knicks fan to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge. With the roster they got now they are starting to look like Trailblazers of the early 00s, a bunch of flashy names but nothing else, they are a team that is Stackhoused (a bunch of scorers who are in the point of their careers where they can only benefit a team by playing 20 minutes and coming off the bench). It has been proven that Isaiah can't run shit, not the Raptors, not the Pacers and def. not the CBA. He replaces a man who in 30+ years has never left a team with a losing record, untill now that is. I don't feel bad for Larry Brown though, he will be getting fat stacks of paper from the Knicks for plain ice cold chillin.

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