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Wednesday, April 05, 2006 

Say it ain't so Joe!

Sadly this Cheerful couple is divorcing.

Well Emzy is divorcing Kim Mathers for a 2nd time, after only lasting 3 months. I really feel sad for Eminem, poor guy probably has no groupies throwing themselves at him, they are probably really turned off from sleeping pill addicts.

After you read what Immortal Technique says about Stop Snitching, a t-shirt should hardly be a concern for you.

I wonder if he has trouble reading his tattoos?

This Bubba Sparxxx interview has the best picture ever of a rapper pushing a trash receptacle. I kid you not.

Busta Rhymes has a new chain:

so icey.

Speaking of whom, If you need a laugh peep this video. His confrontation with the cops is my highlight. And I guess when you have an album coming out soon, you can't help but stay in the news, even when you are providing citizen of the year-worthy beatdowns to former Sauce co-honcho Dave Mays. Damn I'm on a role, another Busta link I never got around to posting.. an interview with power106 in LA, where he talks about a lot of funny shit but the highlight is talking about giving Nicole Ritchie a "lil somethin".

If you've been reading this shit long enough, you know that I'm a fan of new t-shirt oppertunities when they come up. Thanks to Black Rob for robbing a hotel room, and stealing a TV...no joke. (Cmon Diddy probably throws away plasmas on a daily basis). Anyway a Free Black Rob t-shirt will be good for 7 years.

On some serious shit, if you consider yourself a hip-hop head read this Rakim interview. Some interesting shit including his whole Aftermath stint. Part 1. Part 2.

while speaking on old-school stuff.. KRS-1 & Marley Marl squash their beef.. about 20 year later & are working on an album, must be a record for rapper reconciliation length.

The way me and my homeboys sit. It so comfy! *NH*

In some non-hip hop news, Females of the world listen to Sharon Stone,

"If you're in a situation where you cannot get out of sex, offer a blow job. I'm not embarrassed to tell them."

who instantly shoots up in my female actor rankings, she is the Julio Franco of A list actresses.

Ugh.. first there was Tony Parker, then it was the U football team, now fucking TO is rapping. I'm so disgusted, that there will be no link to his site or a clever picture & caption. UGH.

This place:

is worth heart disease or mad cow or whatever. This WaPo write-up makes me salivate like Pavlov's dog.


and a treat for you, Skateboard P's highly antcipated precurser to his album, the mixtape...

1 - The Prequel
2 - When Skateboard Came
3 - Music For The Gangstas feat. T.I. & Young Dro
4 - Fortified
5 - This Is The Life feat. Famlay
6 - Gangsta Grillz
7 - It Was A Great Day
8 - Model In The Hood
9 - Liquid Swords
10 - Sound Boy
11 - Paid In Full feat. Ab Liva
12 - Come Go With Me feat. Clipse
13 - Startrak Movement
14 - Famlay - Scrung Out
15 - Renagotiations
16 - The Message
17 - High Rollers
18 - Word To The Motherland
19 - Prequel Outro
20 - Reminisce
21 - Lavish feat. Twista


I bet those slippers violate the NBA Dress Code.

Carlos Boozer=Not a fan of Prince painting his house purple.

Some old soccer shit, but this deal, makes me think how much Steroided Horse meat is Barry Bonds worth?

I'm going to go ahead and say that G-Dub Bush is nice on the comedy tip.*Note this statement is brought to you by the republican party*


ps I leave you to caption this picture yourself.

awww fuck I couldn't resist "Snoop puts on his Ray Charles for Mariah"

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