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Monday, March 13, 2006 

Dear Hip-Hop NBA,

It seems like yesterday all the uniforms you offered were pretty fly to a little fly but the shit you have pulled as of late is questionable, at first I was going to let you slide after this Chi-town number

KH rockin the most nerdiest basketball uniform this side of a mathemtical school PE class

then tonight you hit me with this bombshell...

You can feel the fashion pain in their eyes (Esp. Shaq, I don't think he looked that sad when he found out there wouldn't be a sequel to 'Kazzam')

Why oh why must you do this? A rec league in Kansas would be embarrassed to have unis like this but you try to pull this shit anyway. It is nice that you try to make the players wear suits instead of rocking ice, but this shit hurts my retinas much much more. So I beg you NBA, establish a doctrine to not have these wack throwbacks anymore, the fans of NBA on-court fashion will love you even more.


as a bonus:

That's what happens when you combine a semi-ugly throwback and a losing Isiah Thomas ran raped team, you get one crazed ass mouthguarded up Jalen Rose.


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