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Wednesday, February 15, 2006 

Let's say hello again to E-40

E-40 Mean Grillin'

The slang guru from the west coast E-40 has a new album coming out march 14th. He just dropped a video which I really dig, it features some nice up-side down shots ala Missy's video with Ciara. It also has gully dancers that dance on the hood of moving vehicles, which I should start doing ASAP. A tribute to Mac Dre at the end is a nice touch. The most suprising thing about this for me is Lil Jon did the beat but it dosen't sound like something from his catalog as its lacking his signature whistles, probably his most original and best beat I've heard in a while.. well he kinda did go AWOL in 2005 (which was hard on me, I couldn't drink my 'Crunk Juice' without tearing up). You can peep the video here or the making of the video here.

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