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Friday, February 10, 2006 

wow.. RIP Jay Dee aka Dilla

thanks for the pic to DeePhunk over at OKP

For the first time in a long time, I am at a loss for words, he never got to achieve the shine that his talent fully deserved.

SOHH Write Up.

some other links I thought I should share, and some more developments. Dilla passed away from complications that led to Lupus.

*?Uestlove has left a very nice entry on his myspace blog about his favorite Dilla memories.

*Myspace as a whole has been swamped with people paying their respects, as well has the okayplayer forums.
Here the ones I've come across
Dilla's Myspace
Roc-C from Stonesthrow, who has a video that features Dilla (and the track was also produced by him), but even better yet he already has recorded a dedication to Jay Dee, a very worthy listen.
T3 of Slum Village Myspace
Elzhi of Slum Village Myspace
Slum Village Myspace

one of my favorite artists motor-city on deviantart who has done a lot of major work for shows like Curb, Def Poetry, The Wire is also a major fan of Jay Dee.. here are my favorite works..
A Dilla Tribute
An amazing piece he just modified with a personal tribute
Another great work of Dilla diggin through vinyl records
a 'remix' of the above work

last but not least, there is stream thats going done by Jose3030 from OKP boards that has about 300 Jay Dee tracks in rotation, if you arent all up to his music MAKE SURE YOU LISTEN HERE

yet another edit:

Black Thought's touching message about Dilla.

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