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Thursday, December 01, 2005 

When Boxing and Baby Dolls Combine


Shit was just too beautiful. Epic to the highest degree. It's funny because Taylor used to be known as the nice humble guy from the dirtydirty in AK but things have changed. Earlier in the day he was with a "top notch" Elvis impersonator

Taylor's gimmics dont make Hopkins too happy of course,

"You got a fake Elvis with a fake champion," Hopkins said loudly during a media day training session at De La Hoya's training camp in Big Bear. "There were two impersonators." -ESPN

And I wouldn't fuck with Hopkins either, he's old man who still has a good punch and oh by the way, served time in prison (a rarity in boxing)

But this shit today was too beautiful, and it will probably be 99999x more interesting than the fight. But then again, how often do you see a boxer bust out a recording of a crying baby and a black cabbage patch doll with a personalized pink-tee?

by the way...Taylor is still undefeated in his young career (24-0, 17ko's) while Hopkins is 46-3-1, 32 KOs.

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