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Thursday, October 20, 2005 

Vikings & Zygi Wilf= GULLY!

Tice cant believe the stripper chose Adam Goldberg over him.

You might’ve heard about the Vikings of the football league enjoying some strippers, dome, and other fun things on a public rental boat ship.. apparently people hate on these type of events but at ML we don’t hate we just call it gully. Not only is there record this season crapola, Daunte is strugglin like a crackhead in rehab. But fear not because their owner

"He is so happy about the upcoming pink Vikings throwbacks.. in XXXL ofcourse."

that holds the name Zygi Wilf (pretty hood name!) put his sucking team in place with some f-bombs, a-bombs in an address, no word if any bonuses were handed out to underachieving players. While I talking about the Vikings would like to throw it up for Onterrio Smith a fellow whizzinator customer who is involutiary sitting out the whole year. His replacement in the lineup is a character named Mewelde Moore who upon being asked about the whole boat thingy responded with..

Asked by KARE-11 if there were strippers or sex at the party, Moore said, "No, no none of that." Then he added: "Sex? What are you talking about, Man, that's crazy. Sex, come on. Look, man, I'm engaged." Then he said he needed to leave for a meeting.

classic. I hope the Vikings make the super bowl maybe then the whole team can pull a Eugene Robinson.

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