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Thursday, June 16, 2005 

Here I Is!

Yes! The highly anticipated Metallungies.com debut of Buffalowing43. So after dedciating much time to my political activism via
and my other **ahem** music website of a band that shouldn't be named in order to maintain my ML credibility...i am finally ready to perform for y'alls

so you say you want to know whats goin down in B-Lo? Well some interesting shit that you would prolly like to know...
So in the annually awarded "Safest Town In America": Amherst, NY, Snoop
and Cassidy (before he got on his self-defense hustle)
came to future ML headquarters-University of Buffalo. Good news, he showed up. Bad news, Jadakiss and Game did not. So those white suburbanites from upstate were gettin angry...
here are some classic excerpts from the concert thanks to the UB student paper...

"Between sets, he [Cassidy] persistently addressed the UB ladies, detailing the naughty things he'd like to do with them. Out of desire to dazzle the audience Cassidy disrobed, revealing his tempting manly contours and bling that hung down past his belly button."

...what suburbanite white girl has not been wooed in such a way before?

"Finally the lights dimmed down and the crowd gasped in anticipation for the long-awaited appearance of Snoop Dogg. Instead of seeing the pimp daddy of them all, the two large television sets showed Snoop with two of his unclad hoes in a compromising situation."

...so class is obviously the reccuring theme here

"But when Snoop played his version of the "Nah, Nah, Nah" song, audience members left in droves. Snoop, obviously distraught, questioned those who were leaving.
'Why y'all leaving? Why y'all leaving?' Snoop asked.

...the mental picture of this is CLASSIC.

So anyways, in the citaaaayy,
Redman and Nas
rewarded those with lower SAT scores @ Buffalo State with a great performance on the same night (Fuck you Pollstar.com for not mentioning so)

"Redman connected with the crowd like few performers can, talking constantly about Buffalo, upcoming projects (How High 2 is apparently in the works), and getting one side of the audience to scream "F*** you" to the other."

...there is nothing we like more than to have a famous person pretend to like our city. Once you do that, we will gladly say "Fuck you!" to each other (We ain't called the City of Good Neighbors for nothing)

"At one point, Nas even asked the audience to shout out a song for him to perform. The overwhelming response was for "Ether," Nas' notorious diss to Jay-Z, but the rapper replied laughingly that "I don't do that song anymore." Nas did, however, hint that a response is on the way to 50 Cent's
recent slam on his track "Piggy Bank," on which he ridiculed Nas and his new wife."

...so how 'bout that? Inside scoops comin straight from the B-LO!

So yes...we are recooperating quite well since Da Franchise jacked over $500,000 worth of shit from a downtown hotel and recording studio...we still here, and we will alwayz be here, as long as we got Dip-Set's UN CASA around to rap tributes to the taliban

thats a wrap.

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