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Wednesday, June 08, 2005 

Borders Books, Washington DC 5.26.05

So last minute in day two of my hip hop madness me and white wonder headed out to catch an instore perfomance by Common, while it wasnt a full length concert.. maybe about 30-35 minutes it was well worth the long delay... Com even fucking flipped 'The Light' over the hate it or love it beat.. very dope. And Meeting him? Icing on the fucking cake, *no homo* or anything but dude has the most crazy/unique voice ever in person.

Common came out and shit went wild...After a crop job.. only my hand remains in the picture...

Common speaking to teh crowd.

This bitch with bushy ass hair ruined my near perfect view! I shouldve brought a step stool.

Dj Dummy and Common

Common looking uptop @ Borders

Common said some true shit while keeping the crowd laughing

oh shit I got the shakes!

Common speaks yet again

Common didnt stand in one place, dude has crazy stage energy

more shakes bitches!

who ever this big hand belongs to.. fuck you, you made my bad pic even worse

from all this shaking you prolly think Im a coke fiend

By claiming it was "her birthday" this girl got Common to sing to her..everyone knew it was bullshit

The girl wasnt ugly by any stretch of imagination so I doubt Common randomly chose her, the highlight of this part was Common dancing with her to some old skool r&b ish like New Edition, but she didnt win over the crowd at all, partly due to all the jelous females.. but when Com asked her what she was reppin she said "everywhere!!"... WTF?

this shaking shit could be used as court evidence when I get raided

Come Close!


umm.. a crowd shot?

Last pic of an amazing performance

Com is focused on somethin!!

and the result...very dope. Posted by Hello


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