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Monday, March 20, 2006 

There will be no farting in the shoe aisle + other shit.

So first I got to drop this little story which I think many of you should enjoy.

Your favorite ML homie was shopping for some new shoes the other day at a department store. I was about to go in to this one aisle when a black man pretty much jumped right into my face. His reaction screamed "don't go there unless you want to get robbed". I was wrong, a 100% wrong, as what he proceeded to say has probably changed my life. He said very firmly "do not go down there...(4 sec pause, as he collected himself)...that man farted (as he pointed to some white man walking away from the other side of the aisle). I stood in shock & awe and greatfullness of this warning. As the kind warning-giving man marched past me he muttered "Nasty ass motherfucker", and upon having his taste for new shoes spoiled bolted straight for the exit. I will tell this shit to my childeren. The End.

ok in other shit...

If you want to see the very few chances to see nudity in a CNN news article check this . Look very hard at the top left hand corner, hopefully that is a woman's goods and not man boobs *shudder/no homo which from now on being the trend whore I am, will simply refer to as 'nh'* I am so 10 years old.

Thanks to the nice folks at spinemagazine.com, check out the Mission Impossible III theme done by Kanyeezy w/ help for Keyisha Cole, and Twista. I'm kinda on the fence about it but it does have those Kanye drums that gave Twista a mainstream career over 2 years ago (and it also has a Michael Jackson refrence!). Anyone want to play it backwards? It probably has some scientology message they agreed to work in on that "Yvan Eht Nioj" tip (simpsons refrence yo).

and you know NHL & NBA & NFL come first but this shit tells me clearly how sad the CinciNati Reds are

"Signing Hatteberg was the key" to the deal, Krivsky said.

How can 36 year old journeyman be a key to anything? Maybe the 'key' to the soda machine in the clubhouse? Sad. I bet current Nats/ Ex-Reds GM Jim Bowden is laughing his ass off.

THE reason to be a DEA federale. Now that is crazy delicious. Those are probably good as a nice lunch snack.


p.s. some sick reviews + interviews coming REAL soon.

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