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Thursday, July 06, 2006 

We Got Him 4 Cheep!

Does anybody remember Stack Bundles? That dude who was on pretty much every NY mixtape for the last couple of years but still hasn't "blown up". Well apparently the man who is the self-declared center of a label "bidding war" has chosen to roll with the Byrdgang.

Now I'm not sure if this is a label choice, but if it is it means dude is probably droppin' via KOCH. Now I know everyone wants that whole $10 per album shit but I find it extremely hard to believe that KOCH has much to offer in a bidding war against labels like Def Jam and Universal.

Who knows maybe this will be the thing to boost his solo career? Worked for Jeezy and Boyz in Da Hood. A year from now we could all be wearing Banned Green Easter Bunny T-Shirts, or whatever the hell his symbol is........ maybe a Turkey with icy Sunglasses.

Flip Got Clover.


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