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Sunday, July 09, 2006 

Classic Television

This is my new favorite show!!! I was flippin through channels yesterday and instead of my usual passing of MTV I was blessed to come upon a show called "Blowin' Up." Now, I'm not that huge of a Jamie Kennedy fan but watching the dude go through a serious effort to drop an album is one of the most entertaining things I have seen in a long time. What really makes this show for me is the crazy folks that pop-up to furthur his journey to music stardom. Mike Jones, Method Man, and Bob Saget (who actually raps?) are just the few I saw in my brief foray into the series. I mean, where the hell else am I gonna see a Wu-tang member and Full House actor in the same damn show?

I don't even know when shit is on I need to check my listings.........

Listen to his album on his Myspace. Classic shit.........

Also my favorite show when I was 7 is being made into a movie. Check the Trailer.

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