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Wednesday, February 15, 2006 

Building Blocks: Isaac Hayes

Many of you may know him as the Chef from South Park but his musical genius extends far past his Chocolate Salty Balls. This man is one of the best sampled men in all of hip-hop. To name all the classic songs which sample him would create a list that could consume the page (in fact it consumes this page) instead I'll name my favorite:

Walk on By. Listen to this song!!! I really never even realized how much hip-hop history could be covered in one song until I heard this shit. Biggie sampled this, Wu-Tang sampled this, Alicia Keys, Cypress Hill, Pete Rock, and the list continues. Most importantly though its a great song all on its own.

Some of my favorite songs to sample this:
-Notorious B.I.G.: Warning (Classic shit from the best rapper of all time)
-Wu-Tang Clan ft. Isaac Hayes: I can't go to sleep (That song from The W that made you a little unhappy to be alive.)
-Compton's Most Wanted: Hood Took Me Under (Classic GTA Soundtrack jointage)

Don't just listen to music, analyze that shit!!!


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