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Friday, November 11, 2005 

Just Like The Good Old Days

Have you ever feel a movie is pointless, boring, insulting, and deserves nothing more than to be pulled from the theater? If so the solution to your problem is to shoot someone who was at the movie with you. Follow Me.
Apparently these three dudes got in a scuffle with this other guy at a Loews movie theater in PA and then shot the sorry bastard. The action taken by the movie theater: Remove the film they were watching. The film was (as you prob guessed from the pic) Get Rich or Die Tryin'. All this tells me is that the bitches at Loews corporate might want to consider a raise to the $6 an hour pay for new employees. I used to work at one of them shits and I swear on the good lord jesus that if some punk came in there bustin shots I would use the customers as human shields. Employees there are so unhappy that they might be holdin a burner too. When I worked there half my co-workers were former crack dealers from Lincoln Park (like a project in MoCo) and they all had a history with the law. After all, you don't work for $6 an hour for the hope of a 10 cent raise in 6 months.

Moral of the rant, next time you get pissed off in a movie be it Elizabethtown, Pride and Prejudice, or anything. Just shoot one of your fellow viewers and your movie theater will be safe from the menace.

Damn, Its good to be back..........

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