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Tuesday, May 31, 2005 

Back like cooked crack.....

Finally after the non-stop party that is prom and graduation I can return to doing what I really love, giving money to the roc. Thats right, for those of you who haven't copped it you should seriously consider dropping a little paper on that new Memphis Bleek album. I won't say it surpasses the new Common (which is a purchase I would make in my sleep) but it definately is worth your cash. I personally reccomend the first track, I love when albums start out strong like that. The Swizzy track is nice too.

On the other side of the spectrum the new Common, all hype aside, is a masterpiece. This album is nothing but good music from beginning to end. I can't quite pick a favorite on this album yet, but I do like what they did with that live version of the food. Lethal and I both certify this as a **Classic Metal Lungies Approved.**

So it seems the Mash Out Posse has signed with the guerillas. Yes it has been confirmed by many that M.O.P. has officially signed with G-Unit records. They are supposedly in the final stages of working out the contract. I really expected Mobb Deep to sign with the unit first considering Alchemist is Em's new DJ.

So anyone with a pulse has heard this new R. Kelly mini-series type song which is titled "In the Closet". I love this, then again whenever R. Kelly goes on one of his stories or rants in a song it is usually good. 4 of the 5 parts are the track of the day.

So it seems that Kay Slay will be taking up the job of the late Justo in hosting the Mixtape Awards. Anything that feeds the mixtape industry is **Metal Lungies Approved.**

So if you weren't off getting arrested in MIA then you were probably getting your ass "beat like a slave" at the Snoop Dogg show. That whole story seems a little fishy. Why would a recording artist beat you and rob you just for dancing.

I'm gonna cut this short and just post the R. Kelly songs. I wanna get back to partying.

Track of the Day: R. Kelly- Trapped in the Closet (Part 1-4)


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