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Tuesday, April 12, 2005 

Starvin' like Schiavo

This is what I live for.....Beef Goodness. 50 and Tony dropped a D-Block and other enemy diss track (in response to Jada and others) with, frankly, a better feel to it than Piggy Bank, but a little repetitive and weak at points. Sheek came back with a track which was straight to the point, but not quite as murderous as Jada's first diss. And even though 50 says he runs New York, Joe Budden says he runs New Jersey? Seriously though, good freestyle, cop.
Nas had a little something to say about the 50 cent situation as well.

So, Mariah had $30,000 dollars worth of vodka stolen from a delivery to her birthday party, and it was Armi too!!!!!!!! I'm sure Dame Dash is crushed that no one there could get hammered off his booze. But don't worry they had emergency booze on hand for the V.I.P. guests, so no one had to hear Mariah sober. This shit would never happen with dipset, Jim Jones personally gives his protection to every bottle of sizzurp. Dipset! Dipset!

More on the Block..... Jadakiss is reported to have returned the bling to the Jeweler he borrowed it from.... 7 months ago. This makes Jadakiss even more gutter, and thats a good thing.

The Source is also keeping it gutter. The awards show may not aire on BET this year because the Source failed to pay the bill for their venue last year. One of the two big hip-hop award shows on T.V. and one of them doesn't pay it's rent.....for shame.

Jigga man on the "Time 100"? I like, I like.

So besides cranking out classic tracks. Foxy is plenty busy keeping it hood. She is facing charges for striking two women who did not give her a manicure because it was too late at the salon. Supposedly she got a pedicure, asked for the manicure and was told it was too late. She got pissed and tried to leave without paying for the package manicure/pedicure job. Two salon workers blocked her exit and she had a little scuffle with them. My prediction, she will do six years for attempted murder after the story blows horribly out of hand.

Track of the Day: Juelz Santana ft. Fabolous- So Whats it Gonna Be

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