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Sunday, April 03, 2005 

His Onion............

Let me start by saying this: GO AND SEE SIN CITY!!!! That shit was a visual thrill as well as a violence fueled riot to watch. I dub it a classic *Metal Lungies Approved*. Michael Rourke has also gained a special place (no homo) in the figurative ML Hall of Greatness. If nothing else see that shit for Jessica Alba....you'll thank me later.

So apart from my avid hate for reality television I do keep an eye out for Hip-Hop celebrities. Recently we were all blessed with the wonderful opportunities of "Flavploitation" and once again we have been given yet another source of Hip-Hop hilarity. Pepa from Salt 'n' Pepa has been chosen as one of the cast members on the Surreal Life. She will join the Lethal-Approved show alongside Janice Dickinson, Jose Canseco, Omarosa, and Bronson Pinchot. My predictions for this season: Omarosa and Pepa will kill each other, and Jose Canseco will snitch to the cops, while Janice Dickinson dies of overeating, and Bronson Pinchot will walk away without any investigation because he insisted he was a "Perfect Stranger." Maybe this season will be the worst and help to "push it" off television. Damn I'm witty........

The Infamous Mobb Deep were dropped from Jive Records supposedly because they were not up to the standards of their other artists such as Usher, Outkast, Justin Timberlake, and Britney Spears. I loved "Got it Twisted" but record companies don't know how to market..... all except for Rebel Squad.

So, Sha Money XL got g-g-g-g-ganked in a Queens Barbershop. Supposedly it was a set-up. My question is, WHY THE HELL IS HE STILL GOING TO QUEENS BARBERSHOPS????? Dude has money can't he get a cut elsewhere?

Is he throwing it up?

Word to my man Mugabe I hope he rules till he is 105. We need that kind of security over here. None of this 2-term crap.

R.I.P. John Paul II. The first Pope to be down with breakdancing and Jesus.

Video of the Week: Ghostface ft. Trife Da God - Biscuits (Recorded from the Projekt Revolution Tour)

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