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Thursday, March 31, 2005 

So Happy Its Thursday.........................Acronym

From Death Row to tha Poor House!!!! Suge Knight was ordered yesterday to pay $105 million dollars (take a second to compute that number) to Lydia Harris. She was the wife of Michael Harris the man who helped him start Death Row Records. Harris gave $1.5 million in '91 to help start GF (Godfather) Entertainment, one of the divisions was to be Death Row Records. If you want to hear the full story watch "Welcome to Death Row". Basically, Suge cut Harris out and his wife (who handled his financial matters since he was in prison for selling rocks) sued Suge.

The Preacher's Son is looking to augment his paper stack. Wyclef Jean has developed an affordable sports car and hopes to get a major distributor for his new ride. Now, if only he could take some of that energy and put it towards MAKING A NEW FUGEES ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Speaking of automobiles, P. Diddy is looking to expand his marketing empire to include the sales of rims. Its corporate baby!!! It don't stop!!!

With all this fire hitting the market recently I felt it was time to slow down and take a good look at what's coming to us:
- Of course, the new Common album, an instant classic and I ain't even heard it.
- Fat Joe: All or Nothing, I have no doubt this will be incredible, like every single so far
- Kanye West: College Dropout Video Anthology DVD, This shit will be murder with unreleased video of an extended 8-minute "Workout Plan" video, as well as a making of Jesus Walks.
- State Property 2, Hits theaters April 13th, the sequel to an ML approved hood classic.
- Trina: The Glamorous Life, anyone and everyone associated with Missy deserves a look
- Saigon: The Greatest Story Never Told, enough mixtape hype to choke a horse
- Memphis Bleek: 534, I have been waiting for another strictly Roc album. Lets hope its as good a Sigel.
- Anything From Chamillionaire
-And in the far off, G-unit solo albums, Kanye's Sophmore, and maybe Detox!!!!
(Anything I forget Lethal can fill in)

A new magazine is about to drop. Bridgez focuses on bringing latin hip-hop and hip-hop in general to a wide audience. The bimonthly comes to newsstands in Cali, Jersey, New York, MIA, and Chi-Town this April.

For all of you not keeping up with that Grokster case you have officially lost your rights to the internet. The Lungie has decreed it.

Track of the Day: Fat Joe- Safe to Say (The Incredible) (Produced By Just Blaze)

Man, posting that Suge story isnt the best choice for umm.. "security" reasons. Any whoo this shit is so beautiful, Karma is a bitch becuase that lady is the Wifey of a top locked up LA drug Kingpin.

As for, Diddy.. Fuck the Rims.. Just copt the Sean John Navigator. With a Ps2 INSIDE!! (SHOCK!!!)


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