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Thursday, March 17, 2005 

Prison for Everyone!!!!!

Queen Bee is going away!!!! Lil Kim was found guilty of perjury and conspricy. She was found not guilty of Obstruction of Justice. What does this mean for Hip Hop!? I DON'T CARE!!! The Bitch has like two songs I like, one of which is "Money, Power, And Respect" which is a Lox song anyway. But seriously, this is a huge loss for Award Shows everywhere. How could we ever forget the classic moments:

We will miss this shit.........

In other news, anyone who thought that the first Gorillaz album was a heat rock should be happy because on May 24th the hybrid group is set to release their next LP, Demon Days. Word is De La Soul, and the Madvillain MF Doom will be appearing on the album. Watch out for production by Danger Mouse.

I heard about this shit today at school but I couldn't believe it till I saw it. Yes ladies and gentlemen this is a vacuum but not just any vacuum, this one costs $500 dollars!!! The reason this consumer obscenity came to my knowledge is because I found out today one of my teachers actually bought one of these. Now, I have no problem with the person but if my future spouse were to buy one of these IT HAD BETTER CLEAN UP SIN!!! You see this shit will be on the next episode of Cribs. I can see it now, Joey Crack's custom Dyson Vacuum, completely pink with the Terror Squad logo on the oustide. You ain't a gangsta till you got a Dyson.

Track of the Day: Q-Tip ft. Busta Rhymes and Pharell- For the Nasty

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