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Monday, March 28, 2005 


Since I know you've been hearing it, many of you are probably asking "What the fuck is Flavploitation?" Well, our good man Chuck-D describes it as "the systematic one-sidedness of the production companies that are chosen by these big corporate entities." I would put it in the simpler terms of Strange Love makes Flavor Flav look like a ignorant SOB.
I mean how can you make him look any worse? They brought his fucking kids and ex on the show just to show a domestic disturbance. I'm not saying the guy wasn't crazy before but he definately was not the dumbass they perpetuate on that show. I never liked this show, I just hate reality television.

In other news, Lil' Kim is doing it straight thug, offering no amnesty to those who testified against her. I guess she decided she might as well go out giving the finger?! Its Bad Blood Baby! It don't stop!!

People need to stop hating on Jigga. How do you say he's a fucking biter!?!? The guy knows his shit and gives homage to the greats. For every tribute rhyme he spits he does 20 more great lines of his own. He quotes Biggie and L because they were his mentors!!! Where would he be without Big L?! Internet bitches need to take their comparison track bullshit and stick it up their ass!!!

Well, it seems Lil Flip and T.I. got in a little bit of a scuffle recently. I've been rooting for T.I. since day 1, but I don't hate Flip. I just hope this beef ends with more fire like that 99 problems freestyle.

With his mind free from the troubles of the hockey season (i.e. his job) LA Kings Player Anson Carter has moved to the arts starting a record company called Big Up Entertainment. This just in, Rebel Sqaud Records has just started a beef with Big Up Entertainment. What are the grounds you say? The Hockey Season and that stupid name. Expect a diss track soon.

On a more serious note, C-Murder's lawyer can now only bring a Pencil and Paper when he meets with him at Jefferson Parish's Correctional Facility. Apparently that video made the Sheriff a little angry. He doesn't allow pens because the hollow area can be "used to hide song lyrics."

If you get up to New York, hit that Aids Benefit concert. Tego Calderon will headlining.

Last but not least, XXL gave Common's new album the review I expected....Its a Classic. Not that I worry much about reviews anyway but this only futher asserts the hotness of the Crack Chicago MC. Damn I loved The Corner.......

R.I.P. Eric "Eazy-E" Wright

Track of the Day: Edo G. featuring Master Ace and Common- Claimin' Respect

Actually, i have personal beef with Anson. I met him twice-he is a douche. Borya and I will make him regret he ever got into the record business.

True story. we got a little beef with Anson Carter dude think he all that, if I ever have a chance I will get a subliminal out to Anson.

word up. rs 4 life

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