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Tuesday, March 01, 2005 

Game Over

50 cent came on Hot 97 yesterday and expressed his "dissappointment" for Game and proclaimed him dropped from G-Unit. The biggest point of conversation was Game's disloyalty to G-Unit. 50 said he wrote 6 of Game's songs including his 3 of his first singles and claimed his involvement was the whole reason for Game's success. 50 cent also claimed Game had a problem with 50 saying he "wanted to be 50 cent". After his interview at Hot 97 shots were fired at 50's entourage, someone in his entourage was hit but 50 was not hit. Today, this morning, 50 and the whole G-Unit crew came on Power 105.1 and bashed Game collectively. This is not a rumor, Game is no longer G-Unit. This begs the question, Is Game staying with Aftermath/Interscope? And if not, Where will Game go next? My thoughts......Game should join and quit every successful Hip-Hop clique. Next step....Dipset?

looks like game gotta go find somebody else to write his lyrics

gg... the game.

rumor has it that game is joining the goo goo dolls to take over vocals

Game might join Dipset so he can rock pink *no homo?*

goo= *no homo*

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