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Monday, March 07, 2005 

Classic, Simply Classic......

This is a classic, its old, but timely because Purple Haze was recently released. I came across it when I was doing a regular sweep of my computer. So here it is, Cam'ron and Dame Dash in November 2003 on the O'reilly Factor.

{Highlight} Cam: I'm gonna get at you in a minute dog.
Bill: You get at me.

Did ya heard? The Cops are looking for members of Game's crew involved in the Hot 97 shooting.

And remember what I said about 50 cent and Newport News?.....I WAS RIGHT!!!! A local rapper released a diss aimed at fifty which has supposedly been making it's way around the internet. We at Metal Lungies have yet to recieve a copy of the song. We will post it the minute we get it. The MC is named "Loc" and the track is called "Bad Newz VA (Violent and Aggressive)". It is a response to 50's track "Ski Mask Way".

Track of the Day- Daz Dillinger: Gangsta Inferno (Its a Freestyle)

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